Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Current Dilemma

I hate my bras.


When I first bought them, it was love. BIOFit from Victoria's Secret.


I think my love of them, and the fact that I only bought 2 and had already begun to hate the other bras that I had at that time, caused me to wear them more frequently than I should have.

That turned into wearing them ALL the time.

And now I hate them.

They are uncomfortable. They don't sit where they are supposed to anymore. The straps fall down ALL THE TIME even when they are all the way tight.

And recently, when I put one on it feels like something is stabbing me. And it's not the underwire, because I've checked... and probably offended some people for feeling myself up in public... but it's ANNOYING.

For example:
Today I put my bra on. And immediately felt an itching/stabbing sensation on the "underside" of my boob (hah, I just said boob). So I check, nothing there. Cool. BUT IT STILL HURT. I'm to the point, 4 hours into my day, that I'm dreaming about getting in the car this afternoon so that I can take it off. And again, probably offend some people as I pull my bra out of the sleeve of my shirt, in the middle of the day, where anyone could see me. Whatever, you don't know me.

I'm also daydreaming about going to the bathroom right now and taking it off. I would do it too, but the threat of 4 hours of perky nipples is greater than the annoyance of the phantom itching/stabbing non-underwire harassment that I am experiencing currently.

I get paid tomorrow. I will be going out and purchasing myself some new bras.

  1. Calli's surgery is tomorrow. So I have to see how she's feeling before I run off to the store. I also have to pay for her surgery, so that takes away some of my funds.
  2. I need to get my hair dyed, BAD. It will happen this month. More removal of funds.
  3. I'm trying to pay down my credit cards. So if I spend a bunch of money on new bras, I won't be able to pay as much off.
  4. D.Soup's birthday is next Tuesday. I need to keep some money around in case he finally decides what he wants
I don't really think these things are going to play much of a part in my decision making, but who knows.

Only a few more hours until freedom.
For me AND my boobs.

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