Thursday, April 21, 2011


AKA Project Revamp Parts Of Our House That Bother Us So We Don't Hate It Anymore Because We Are Going To Be Here For At Least Another Year.

We hate our house.

Okay, not so much hate it. We have a TON of stuff, and not so much space to put it in.
(PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS! Itty-bitty living space.)

Add two cats and a dog and all their accessories to that, and we are cramped. And uncomfortable. And messy.

Originally we had planned on moving this year. But now we've decided to focus more on paying down some credit cards and saving money for when we actually do buy a house. (look at us making adult decisions)

So we had to come up with a plan.


There are phases to this project.

Stage 1 was discussed here and then tucked away for everyone to forget about.

The plywood has been purchased, the door has been ordered. Stage 1 - complete.

Stage 2: Cut plywood down to size. We need two 61x40 inch pieces to replace the slats under our mattress on our bed.This is similar to our bed, it's from IKEA. When we originally got this bed, I was in love.

Then we moved.

And now it's a nightmare. Well, the bed itself isn't a nightmare, the wooden slats underneath it are. See, when we moved, the normal 60 inch width of the bed frame expanded slighty and is now 61 inches. The slats do not approve.

They fall out from under the mattress all the time. Causing D.Soup's side of the bed to be a few inches lower than mine. Which then produces an uncomfortable night's sleep.

We are over it.

D.Soup is going to be working on getting the new boards cut this afternoon, and hopefully it will be smooth sailing from there.

The rest of the plywood is going into the attic. The current flooring in the attic is a few randomly placed pieces of board that are only about 3 feet wide in a circle around the attic "door." Another lovely gift from the people that lived in the house before us. I'll have to write something up about all THAT at a later date.

More attic floor means more storage space for stuff that we never use but didn't have anywhere to put before. This means Mz.Soup has to come to terms with the fact that there is some stuff in her closet and drawers that she HASN'T WORN in quite a while. I think I can manage that. Think.

It will be good to get a bunch of the random stuff around our house out of the way...

Stage 3: Is really an extension of Stage 1. While at Home Depot last night, we bought "mollies" (I put in parenthesis because D.Soup continued to say "they aren't mollies" every time I would say "we need to go grab some mollies." So obviously I am wrong, but that's what I've always called them and that's what I will probably to continue to call them. So there.) for the railing that we put in a few months ago. The bottom part of it apparently didn't end up in a stud, so now it's decided to start coming back out.

We also ordered a new front entry door and storm door. We can currently see light coming through the gap in between the side of the door and the framing, so we are pretty excited about a replacement.

Obviously, a new addition to Stage 3 is a new garbage disposal. We will be purchasing one either tonight or tomorrow, and installing it over the weekend.

Stage 4: New closet organization.

The first time we toured our house before buying it, I walked into the master closet and went "oh, well this would need to be changed." It was awful. Just two metal poles running the length of the right side and back wall of the closet. And they overlapped each other in the corner.

It's still like that to this day.

We kept talking ourselves out of it: "No, we can just deal with it... we won't be here forever." Well now that I'm going to be here another year, I want it fixed... and I want it fixed NOW.

I have an image in my head. It looks a little something like this:

And this:Mixed together in a beautiful masterpiece of organized clothes storage glory.

My expectations for this Stage of the project are obviously very high.

Honestly anything will be an improvement from what we have right now.

These are the first few stages, there will be many more additions to Project RPOOHTBUSWDHIABWAGTBHFALAY. Right now, these are the most prevalent pieces, so they are the focus. I think we need to finish these few things before we step back and say "now what?" I will try to post updates (maybe with pictures!) as each Stage is completed.

I'm so ready for a new closet.

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