Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Finishing touches to the nursery. Part 3. Subpart A.

I'm alive!  Barely.

I've been begging D.Soup to get started on the shelves for the nursery for MONTHS.  I had just come to terms with the idea that it wasn't going to happen when my friend mentioned that she wanted to make some shelves for a room in her house too.  Score!

We had them over for dinner and some football on Sunday.  And then we got down to business.  We "tricked" the guys into doing the cuts for us for all of the plywood.  I say "tricked" because it more went down like this:
D.Soup: Okay, you guys have fun.  Just move the table saw out from under the workbench.
Me: Wait, what?
D.Soup:  I'll come do it for you.
Me. Awesome!
And once we all got down there, they realized one of us was going to table saw a hand right off, so they decided it would be smarter if they just did it.  And that worked out wonderfully for me, because they even had a hard time cutting the plywood down to the right sizes.

Lucky for us, L.Soup took 2 naps on Sunday, so we could all 4 work on getting everything situated before she woke up.  We timed it really well.

I thought I had enough 1x2's for both of us.  But sadly, I only had enough for us to get the shell part of the shelves put together.  D.Soup and I have to make a trip to the hardware store to pick up a few more 1x2's and then we'll have round 2 of building.  We got the shells finished though, and put wood filler in most of the holes and let it sit to dry.  I intend on heading back to the basement some time soon to sand the dried filler down and put filler in the holes on the other side.  We've hardly been home the last few days though so it hasn't happened yet.

Also, I fail at picture taking, so I'll try to remember to do that when I work on the wood filler.

Tonight and tomorrow we have some errands to run and we have to do laundry so we can pack!  We decided to head to the beach this weekend for Sunfest!  Mom and I usually go and have a girls weekend, but we're dragging the boys along with us this time around.  D.Soup was a little unhappy with it, since hunting season just started.  But its still a little warm to be hunting anyway, so he got over it.

In other news L.Soup has been making up for getting to bed late the last few nights by waking up earlier than usual.  So that's awesome.  I think that's part of the reason she's been taking two naps during the day.  The weirdest part is, the two naps together are about the same amount of time she was napping with just one morning nap, so I'm not sure how that's working out for her.  We are going to try to get her to bed at normal time tonight and see how she sleeps.  I want her to get a few nights of good sleep before we turn around and completely destroy it over the weekend.

She DOES NOT SLEEP in a pack-n-play.  She's never been comfortable in the lower portion of one.  She used to sleep all the time in the infant level, but once she got too big for that it was a no go.  She's pretty spoiled and ends up sleeping on/with someone if she's not near a real crib.  At home she naps in the crib just fine though.  She's a weird kid.  I bought her a sleep mat for my parent's house to try to get her used to sleeping alone there too... she's not really having it.

I was contemplating taking her crib mattress with us to the beach, but D.Soup claimed it wasn't worth driving the truck all the way to the beach just for the crib, when we can take the Prius and save a million dollars in gas.  *sigh*

I'm SO CLOSE to being able to post the finished nursery write up that I have, I can TASTE it.  I'm dying to get it out to you all. 

I've been seriously slacking recently.