Friday, June 28, 2013

I just got worked by Blogger

I decided recently that my labels weren't exactly what I wanted them to be.  So I'm toying with them to make them more interesting, and less... one wordy.

So I start transferring everything over, and somehow things start getting labeled that do NOT belong.  I ended up with multiple labels having about 3/4 of my posts under them, which is not accurate.  At all.

Apparently what happens is even though the posts disappear when you remove a certain label, their check box is still selected.  Which makes no sense.  So I was accidentally adding labels to things that I had deleted an old label from... *sigh*.

I think I finally got it figured out.  I ended up having to refresh after every change though.  So that was fun for me.

There's probably some that still have a label they aren't supposed to, and probably some that are missing labels now.  But I don't have the brain capacity to go back and fix it AGAIN.

I also discovered that some of my really old posts have broken pictures on them.  That makes me sad.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

An attempt to actually FINISH something

Tonight my only crafting goal is to finish the boxes that I started working on last night.  I currently only have 2 brushes, and was actually only using one last night.  So it was a terrible pain to have to run up stairs to wash the brush out, and then dry it off frantically so I could start working on another side.  Tonight I'm hoping to bum some brushes off my mother, so I should be able to more effectively get the work done tonight.
Other than crafting, I need to clean up the kitchen... because we had people over on Sunday and I haven't made time to deal with any of that mess yet. 
I'm also trying to find some time tonight to spend a few quality minutes with my treadmill.  I really need to get back into the swing, I just have been making myself so busy recently, that by the time I pull myself away from whatever I'm working on, I have just enough energy to get myself upstairs and fall into bed.  We'll see how that goes tonight. 
Before any of that goes down though, we are having dinner at my parents house.   Some squash came out of the garden over the garden so mom is frying it up!  Yummmm.  

We invited ourselves over.  :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Catching up

So this was my potential post from yesterday:

Holy moly it's taking me way longer to finish those boxes than I originally intended.  I didn't really account for drying time for each color in between coats AND in between colors.  So I paint two coats (in two separate colors), and then I have to wait 30-45 minutes before I can either 1. start a new color or 2. put down another coat of that color.

Considering I only get about an hour each night to work on anything after L.Soup goes to bed, this is a problem.

So I think by this weekend they will be done.  I've started working on another super secret project in the time being.  I'll tell you all about it when it's done.  It's a surprise for someone, so I don't want to ruin anything.  But I got some of that done during drying time last night.  So now I've got 3 painting projects and 2 sewing projects in the works all at the same time.  *sigh*

And tonight I have about a million dishes to do, so we'll see if I get ANYTHING crafty done at all.

Tomorrow we were supposed to be getting a giant shed delivered.  I just checked again and now it says Monday.  I was a little curious how it was going to be here tomorrow when it spent the entirety of today in Ohio.  Whenever it gets delivered, my parents are going to be watch L.Soup at our house because it has to be signed for.  They'll give us a 4 hour window, so it's easier to have someone go over there and wait than it is for us to take 4 hours off with no clue when the people are actually going to show up.

Saturday is one of my friend's birthday.  In celebration we are heading to Georgetown for the day, and then seeing Bruno Mars!  I'm pretty excited about that!

And today:
In actuality, I got NOTHING done last night.  I went home, we ate dinner, and then L.Soup and I followed her father and uncle to the basketball court near our house to hang out in the beautiful weather. I got a few cute pictures of my girl on my phone:

I've got him covered!
Watching the boys
This is mine!
Look mama

We played on the playground for a few minutes...
They were up there when the lacrosse ball hit!  Eekk!

...Until a lacrosse ball came FLYING over a (not tall enough, obviously) fence that was separating the playground from the ball fields.  At that point we bailed on playtime and L.Soup and I went home to play in SAFETY.  Yeesh.

After L.Soup went to bed, I fully intended on getting something, anything done.  Instead I laid down on the couch "just for a minute" and an hour later I woke up, looked at D.Soup and said "I'm going to bed."  I don't know why I was so exhausted, but I was completely useless.  Luckily, he made us lunches for today because he's awesome.

Finally!  Victory!  I didn't fall asleep AND I got everything on my list done for tonight!

The boxes have one more color that needs to go on them, and then re painting some of the sides that are either still slightly see through, or got another color on them in the process of getting all the sides done.  WOO!

I got my super secret project all sanded, and took a bunch of pictures of it!

AND I did a full load of dishes.  There's still a ton of dirty ones (what, I told you there were a lot!) but the biggest portion of them is in the dishwasher!

Bruno Mars tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Finishing touches to the nursery. Part 1

So I didn't manage to get a whole lot accomplished this weekend.  That doesn't mean we didn't DO a million things, just that my to do list is still sitting there, mostly uncrossed.
Today I woke up to a bouquet of yucky emotions: sad/angry/general unhappiness and malaise.  I'm hoping that as soon as I get started on some of my projects, that will all change.  We are heading to the hardware store today to pick up some things so I can actually get some projects done!  Some more paint, since I ran out when I was working on the wall.  Some other pieces for projects that I haven't started yet. 
Fast forward a few hours...
Turns out I didn't need as much at the hardware store as I thought.   D.Soup ended up with more for the boat than I did for the crafts.  We stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner,  and I made the mistake of ordering 2 sets of spicier wings.  And now I look 5 months pregnant because my stomach is NOT happy about all that heat.   We got L.Soup naked chicken... and she refused to eat any of it.  Sometimes she's a vegetarian and other days she devours anything we put in front of her.  So tonight she had a well rounded meal of fries, pickles, and mandarin oranges.  Ugh.  Well, better luck tomorrow.
My intention is to work on some boxes for L.Soup's room tonight.  They were already in there but didn't really match, and I have enough left over paint from the wall in her room to make them work.  I had the boxes when I lived with my parents, so I'm happy to get more use out of them, and they are perfect to store her books, diapers and spare wipes.
A few more hours in the future:

I got the boxes prepped and 3 sides started.  But little miss was not feeling bedtime tonight and trying to convince her otherwise severely cut into my crafty time... I know she's got teeth coming in so I forgive her for being so cranky and needy tonight.
D.Soup ended up asleep on the floor in her room with her... which was adorable when I peeked in on them.  He said she pushed him out of the way and climbed up onto the pillow he had been using and went to sleep... so he ended up using her monkey stuffed animal as a pillow.   Poor guy.
Anywho.  Here are some before pictures of to of the boxes.   The third is white and I'm leaving it that way.  The drawers in the second picture are staying white as well.  The new knobs will get painted.
The drawers go in the top one.
I bought new knobs.   Goodbye stars.
Scuffed up and ready for paint!  

Here's hoping I get a lot more done tomorrow night. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Road trip!

D.Soup has been scowering the interwebs for the last couple weeks for a decent golf cart thats not ridiculously expensive.  Well, last night he found one on Craigslist for the right price.  In Pennsylvania. 
So we are on our way to hopefully not be murdered...
Wish us luck.

I tagged along in hopes that the boo girl wiuld sleep most of the way, since she obviously wasn't down for nap time at home.  But she lasted about 30 minutes and then:
oh well... maybe on the way back.

In other news... we are going out with actual adults tonight... as much as you can consider all of us adults.  Movie and dinner!

I'm pretty excited about that.

UPDATE:  Got it!  It was a little iffy for a minute, there was another guy interested and we showed up MINUTES before him.  I thought they were going to death match for it... but luckily the guy selling it gave it to us because we got there first!  Whew!

Here it is in all its trailered glory:

And so it begins

I started working on the foyer tonight.   And holy crap ya'll it looks like I poured wine all over the walls.  But so far I really like it.  

More to come, but for now:
I had to get D.Soup to paint that one corner because I'm  
Edging all done
First coat drying!
Second coat drying 
Almost done!
Of course, I ran out of paint.  So back to the store tomorrow to buy another can. *sigh* so close, but so far...

In other news, I got the boat pads finished tonight.  
Pretty excited about that.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Guess who's back, back again.

I really have to stop ignoring this place for such long periods of time.  I've even had a lot of awesome things to talk about, and yet... nothing.  I have finally gotten motivation back to start on the projects that I listed off here.

I've mostly finished the nursery (a year later), and will give that experience it's own post, when I have the pictures available.  All that's left is some floating shelves and some work in the closet, and I think it's complete!

We D.Soup built a raised planter for the back yard.  It is full of so many different vegetables.  We still have to add some lattice to it so that the vines have a place to grow.  They are taking over the bed at the moment.  I need to get that done or everything else is going to die. :(

Also, I have plans to paint the foyer this weekend.  I got the walls taped tonight, I was about halfway through, when this happened:

Little Ms. Crankypants was NOT okay with me up on this step stool, or with the fact that I wasn't giving her any attention.  She tried to join me, and was just generally bitter the whole time I was taping while she was awake.  So that got postponed until after bedtime.  BUT, we're ready!:

Now, the next decision I have to make is if I want to include this section of wall underneath the handrail in with the painted section.  I think I'm going to get a first coat of paint on the main wall first, and make that decision once I can see how everything looks together.

That's all I've got so far for the original list.  Other things have been pushed ahead of this stuff, and new things have been added. 

In the last 6ish months we've had many distractions that are keeping us from getting anything done.
  1. Vacations
  2. Baby birthdays! (also should get its own post, since I worked my fanny off for it)
  3. Other projects that are "more fun" (according to D.Soup)
  4. Cleaning
  5. General laziness
I've been doing a lot of paper crafting over the last few months.  With L.Soup's birthday decorations, helping my best friend with her baby shower and creating the invitations and sign decorations for a work party for a friend of the family, I've been running through some paper.  I've fallen more and more in love with my Silhouette Cameo every time I use it.  I just got the sketch pens in the mail, I can't wait to use them!  Also, I should probably become a sales rep for Silhouette, because with just talking it up, and explaining how to use it I got them two sales in about a week!  I'm so glad other people are getting them, but also a little sad that I won't be able to help them with whatever projects they are going to work on!  They did tell me they would probably need tutorials!  Yay!

I've also been continuing the process of getting to know my sewing machine.  We have become much better friends.  I made L.Soup the cutest skirt last week, I can't wait for her to wear it.  I had a pair of jeans that were getting really worn, so I cut them up to include in the project! 

I didn't take any pictures of the finished product yet, but I did take this shot of my jeans before I cut them to shreds (RIP).  I'm glad I got to reuse them for something, instead of just trashing them.

I'm also planning on making a 4th of July outfit for my girl.  I have an idea of what I want it to look like in my head, and I wasn't finding anything that matched my vision (read: AND was reasonably priced).  So I'll be getting started on that very soon, so it will actually be done in time!

In other sewing machine news, mom and I invested in some embroidery patterns... and they are AWESOME.  I started off stitching them up for mom, but she wanted in on the fun, so I let her have them.  Mom makes hair bows and sells them on etsy (here's her shop!).  She's been paying for these from someone else, and now she can make them herself for SO CHEAP.  The coolest part is, if she sells one, she's paid for the pattern, so it's completed worth it.  I'm pretty excited for her, and she can't seem to tear herself away from her sewing machine now.  Whoops.

My friend asked me if I could reupholster some cushions for his boat, since the guy he was going to take them to was asking an outrageous fee even though my friend was providing all the pieces.  He gave me the stuff right before L.Soup's birthday (when I was in frantic mode) and told me not to worry about getting them done, as the aren't NECESSARY for being able to use the boat.  Well, I finally got around to working on them this week.  It went a lot faster than I thought it would, especially with this being my first time doing any kind of re-upholstery work.  They aren't perfect, but I think they look awesome.  And I don't think you are going to notice where the imperfections are, so I'm pretty happy with them.

Tonight I finished the beading.  I was going to get everything put together, but I ran out of steam.  So, tomorrow!
I started out with pinning the two pieces together.  But that was a LOT more work than I had the energy for.  It was so much easier to stop every few inches and make sure the next part was matched up, like this:

 At one point in my life I thought I could be a hand model, now I think I would need a TON of practice.

Finished Product

Next project is tracing out L.Soup's July 4th outfit.
Happy to be back :)