Saturday, June 15, 2013

Road trip!

D.Soup has been scowering the interwebs for the last couple weeks for a decent golf cart thats not ridiculously expensive.  Well, last night he found one on Craigslist for the right price.  In Pennsylvania. 
So we are on our way to hopefully not be murdered...
Wish us luck.

I tagged along in hopes that the boo girl wiuld sleep most of the way, since she obviously wasn't down for nap time at home.  But she lasted about 30 minutes and then:
oh well... maybe on the way back.

In other news... we are going out with actual adults tonight... as much as you can consider all of us adults.  Movie and dinner!

I'm pretty excited about that.

UPDATE:  Got it!  It was a little iffy for a minute, there was another guy interested and we showed up MINUTES before him.  I thought they were going to death match for it... but luckily the guy selling it gave it to us because we got there first!  Whew!

Here it is in all its trailered glory:

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