Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Finishing touches to the nursery. Part 1

So I didn't manage to get a whole lot accomplished this weekend.  That doesn't mean we didn't DO a million things, just that my to do list is still sitting there, mostly uncrossed.
Today I woke up to a bouquet of yucky emotions: sad/angry/general unhappiness and malaise.  I'm hoping that as soon as I get started on some of my projects, that will all change.  We are heading to the hardware store today to pick up some things so I can actually get some projects done!  Some more paint, since I ran out when I was working on the wall.  Some other pieces for projects that I haven't started yet. 
Fast forward a few hours...
Turns out I didn't need as much at the hardware store as I thought.   D.Soup ended up with more for the boat than I did for the crafts.  We stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner,  and I made the mistake of ordering 2 sets of spicier wings.  And now I look 5 months pregnant because my stomach is NOT happy about all that heat.   We got L.Soup naked chicken... and she refused to eat any of it.  Sometimes she's a vegetarian and other days she devours anything we put in front of her.  So tonight she had a well rounded meal of fries, pickles, and mandarin oranges.  Ugh.  Well, better luck tomorrow.
My intention is to work on some boxes for L.Soup's room tonight.  They were already in there but didn't really match, and I have enough left over paint from the wall in her room to make them work.  I had the boxes when I lived with my parents, so I'm happy to get more use out of them, and they are perfect to store her books, diapers and spare wipes.
A few more hours in the future:

I got the boxes prepped and 3 sides started.  But little miss was not feeling bedtime tonight and trying to convince her otherwise severely cut into my crafty time... I know she's got teeth coming in so I forgive her for being so cranky and needy tonight.
D.Soup ended up asleep on the floor in her room with her... which was adorable when I peeked in on them.  He said she pushed him out of the way and climbed up onto the pillow he had been using and went to sleep... so he ended up using her monkey stuffed animal as a pillow.   Poor guy.
Anywho.  Here are some before pictures of to of the boxes.   The third is white and I'm leaving it that way.  The drawers in the second picture are staying white as well.  The new knobs will get painted.
The drawers go in the top one.
I bought new knobs.   Goodbye stars.
Scuffed up and ready for paint!  

Here's hoping I get a lot more done tomorrow night. 

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