Thursday, June 13, 2013

Guess who's back, back again.

I really have to stop ignoring this place for such long periods of time.  I've even had a lot of awesome things to talk about, and yet... nothing.  I have finally gotten motivation back to start on the projects that I listed off here.

I've mostly finished the nursery (a year later), and will give that experience it's own post, when I have the pictures available.  All that's left is some floating shelves and some work in the closet, and I think it's complete!

We D.Soup built a raised planter for the back yard.  It is full of so many different vegetables.  We still have to add some lattice to it so that the vines have a place to grow.  They are taking over the bed at the moment.  I need to get that done or everything else is going to die. :(

Also, I have plans to paint the foyer this weekend.  I got the walls taped tonight, I was about halfway through, when this happened:

Little Ms. Crankypants was NOT okay with me up on this step stool, or with the fact that I wasn't giving her any attention.  She tried to join me, and was just generally bitter the whole time I was taping while she was awake.  So that got postponed until after bedtime.  BUT, we're ready!:

Now, the next decision I have to make is if I want to include this section of wall underneath the handrail in with the painted section.  I think I'm going to get a first coat of paint on the main wall first, and make that decision once I can see how everything looks together.

That's all I've got so far for the original list.  Other things have been pushed ahead of this stuff, and new things have been added. 

In the last 6ish months we've had many distractions that are keeping us from getting anything done.
  1. Vacations
  2. Baby birthdays! (also should get its own post, since I worked my fanny off for it)
  3. Other projects that are "more fun" (according to D.Soup)
  4. Cleaning
  5. General laziness
I've been doing a lot of paper crafting over the last few months.  With L.Soup's birthday decorations, helping my best friend with her baby shower and creating the invitations and sign decorations for a work party for a friend of the family, I've been running through some paper.  I've fallen more and more in love with my Silhouette Cameo every time I use it.  I just got the sketch pens in the mail, I can't wait to use them!  Also, I should probably become a sales rep for Silhouette, because with just talking it up, and explaining how to use it I got them two sales in about a week!  I'm so glad other people are getting them, but also a little sad that I won't be able to help them with whatever projects they are going to work on!  They did tell me they would probably need tutorials!  Yay!

I've also been continuing the process of getting to know my sewing machine.  We have become much better friends.  I made L.Soup the cutest skirt last week, I can't wait for her to wear it.  I had a pair of jeans that were getting really worn, so I cut them up to include in the project! 

I didn't take any pictures of the finished product yet, but I did take this shot of my jeans before I cut them to shreds (RIP).  I'm glad I got to reuse them for something, instead of just trashing them.

I'm also planning on making a 4th of July outfit for my girl.  I have an idea of what I want it to look like in my head, and I wasn't finding anything that matched my vision (read: AND was reasonably priced).  So I'll be getting started on that very soon, so it will actually be done in time!

In other sewing machine news, mom and I invested in some embroidery patterns... and they are AWESOME.  I started off stitching them up for mom, but she wanted in on the fun, so I let her have them.  Mom makes hair bows and sells them on etsy (here's her shop!).  She's been paying for these from someone else, and now she can make them herself for SO CHEAP.  The coolest part is, if she sells one, she's paid for the pattern, so it's completed worth it.  I'm pretty excited for her, and she can't seem to tear herself away from her sewing machine now.  Whoops.

My friend asked me if I could reupholster some cushions for his boat, since the guy he was going to take them to was asking an outrageous fee even though my friend was providing all the pieces.  He gave me the stuff right before L.Soup's birthday (when I was in frantic mode) and told me not to worry about getting them done, as the aren't NECESSARY for being able to use the boat.  Well, I finally got around to working on them this week.  It went a lot faster than I thought it would, especially with this being my first time doing any kind of re-upholstery work.  They aren't perfect, but I think they look awesome.  And I don't think you are going to notice where the imperfections are, so I'm pretty happy with them.

Tonight I finished the beading.  I was going to get everything put together, but I ran out of steam.  So, tomorrow!
I started out with pinning the two pieces together.  But that was a LOT more work than I had the energy for.  It was so much easier to stop every few inches and make sure the next part was matched up, like this:

 At one point in my life I thought I could be a hand model, now I think I would need a TON of practice.

Finished Product

Next project is tracing out L.Soup's July 4th outfit.
Happy to be back :)

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