Thursday, June 27, 2013

An attempt to actually FINISH something

Tonight my only crafting goal is to finish the boxes that I started working on last night.  I currently only have 2 brushes, and was actually only using one last night.  So it was a terrible pain to have to run up stairs to wash the brush out, and then dry it off frantically so I could start working on another side.  Tonight I'm hoping to bum some brushes off my mother, so I should be able to more effectively get the work done tonight.
Other than crafting, I need to clean up the kitchen... because we had people over on Sunday and I haven't made time to deal with any of that mess yet. 
I'm also trying to find some time tonight to spend a few quality minutes with my treadmill.  I really need to get back into the swing, I just have been making myself so busy recently, that by the time I pull myself away from whatever I'm working on, I have just enough energy to get myself upstairs and fall into bed.  We'll see how that goes tonight. 
Before any of that goes down though, we are having dinner at my parents house.   Some squash came out of the garden over the garden so mom is frying it up!  Yummmm.  

We invited ourselves over.  :)

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