Friday, December 9, 2011


I saw the musical version of The Lion King for the first time yesterday. We were running a little bit behind schedule, so we basically ran to our seats. Well, we ran to the WRONG seats (thanks a lot, guy in the suit that directed us the wrong way, you fail) and then ran to our correct seats. We had a few minutes to take in the 428190583403086046023850 children that had been bused in for school field trips that we were sharing this experience with, and then the lights dimmed.

Then the curtain opened, and Rafiki started singing The Circle of Life, and I was completely entranced. Tears filled my eyes with how absolutely beautiful everything was.

I sat leaned forward, elbows on my knees, hands on my chin, for the entire 3 hours that we were there. I loved absolutely every second of it.

I'm currently searching for tickets to go again.
My mom and sister HAVE to see it.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Does this make me a terrible friend?

One of my best friends is getting married tomorrow.

She was the Maid of Honor in my wedding.

When she asked me to be her Maid of Honor, I was so excited and happy to be able to return the favor.

About 2 weeks ago I remembered that being a Maid of Honor meant writing a speech. And actually reading it... out loud... in.front.of.people. I did not sign up for this. Oh, wait... yes I did. Dammit.

I finished my speech yesterday, and it's so short I'm almost embarrassed by it. But I literally cannot think of a single extra thing to put in there. I don't have many stories of the two of them together, because we don't get to see them very often anymore.

I don't really have sappy stories of how much I love her ready to throw out. I'm not comfortable with being overly emotional in front of people if I can help it. It's awkward. It's also awkward for others to listen to overly emotional people talk about memories that no one else was ever involved in except for two people.

I really don't think that she wants me to tell people about the time we stole the giant Shrek standee from the kiosk outside the movies at the mall. Or the time she spent the entire school day in a Tigger costume and ran around the halls looking for her teacher.

So basically, what I'm saying, is I got nothing.

So I've decided to keep it short and sweet. I'm sure everyone will appreciate that.

Hello everyone, I want to start off by saying Congratulations to ___ and ___, and to thank everyone for coming today. For those who don't know me, I'm Mz.Soup, and I’ve known ___ since high school.___ and I have been through quite a bit together, and I'm so glad that I am able to share this day with her. Last year I had the pleasure of celebrating my own wedding day with ___ by my side as my Maid of Honor, and when she asked me to return the favor I happily agreed.

I personally feel that is a perfect match for . He's quiet, and she's... well, not. He's calm, and she's... well, not. At first glance they seem like complete opposites, but at the same time they are so similar, and that's what makes them such a great couple. I’m really thrilled that has found a husband in and I know they’ll make a wonderful life together. I’d like to wish them a life full of health, happiness and endless adventure.
Please raise your glasses to ___, and ___, the bride and groom.

I got my little moment of funny in, and I feel that I did an okay job pulling it together with the little that my brain could squeak out.

Personally, I think wedding speeches
are stupid.
(Mainly because I have way too much anxiety for something like that)

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's sad how oblivious we are sometimes.

So this weekend Hurricane Irene showed her rainy, overbearing self. Luckily, we made it through unscathed. I spent the entire day yesterday being completely lazy, because it was the first time in a while that I had that opportunity. Played on my iPad for hours, watched a ridiculous amount of pointless TV, and basically did absolutely nothing.

Right before it started to get dark, I suggested that we take Calli for a walk. It was absolutely gorgeous all afternoon. We made our way down the street, and about six houses down from ours encountered a man sitting on a chair in his front yard. We exchanged greetings and then he asked if we had heard anything about when the power was coming back.

Wait, you guys don't have power?

Haven't had any power since 2:30 this morning.

We had absolutely no idea that power was out anywhere near us. We knew it was out in other areas, but not that close to us. We should have been clued in when we noticed that the traffic light right outside our house was out. But no.

On a completely different note. We got a new TV. We didn't want a new TV, the earthquake decided that we needed a new one.

I got home last Tuesday (after the earthquake and a long drawn-out hour of not having any way to get home) and milled around the house for a few hours. Nothing was out of place so it eased me into a false sense of security. After a while I turned on the TV and was watching some random show. I didn't notice anything wrong until a commercial with a black background that I was half paying attention to, I remember thinking to myself "that's really interesting, they put pink stars in the background behind that car." Then the commercial changed, and the pink stars were still there. I also noticed green lines (Matrix-style, almost) running down every quarter of an inch all the way across the screen.

So of course, when D.Soup got home and I showed him, he started researching new TVs.

And, of course, that next day we had a brand new LED television. And last night I realized something that had been bothering me for the last few days.

Our new TV...
makes everything look like a soap opera.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Merrily We Roll Along

Things have been.... slow in the Soup house. I'm not sure that's the best word for how July felt... torturous maybe?

It was hotter than hell, pretty much the entire month of July. Not just here, I think it was hot everywhere.

We stayed in the house as often as physically possible, and grumbled and whined when we had to go outside. Even Calli wasn't interested in being outside for any longer than it takes for her to do business.

Noteworthy things from July:
  • Got my hair dyed. I love it.
  • D. Soup bought a bow and arrows. And signed up for hunter safety training. Awesome.
  • ..............................
That's really it. And that's quite sad.

Hopefully August will be more interesting.
*fingers crossed*

Monday, July 18, 2011

A "Sad" Goodbye

Today is my last day as a redhead.

So... Goodbye beautiful red hair. Goodbye shockingly bright flame of a head in the daylight. Goodbye sassiness that comes with the red. I will miss how awesome we look together in those magical moments when I brush you out and you fall perfectly into place.

Here's to hoping the dyed (and in the future natural) brown of tomorrow brings me as much happiness as the red has brought me since November.

Alternatively, I have to say goodbye to the things I won't miss:

Goodbye red hair dye washing down the drain in my shower. Goodbye random shampoo and conditioner that I didn't really like but used anyway because you helped to stop my hair from fading out so quickly. Goodbye brown roots at 3 weeks. I won't really miss you at all... so you can rot in hell.

Maybe some day I will return to you, red hair. Until then, I will miss you.

I don't think the sassiness disappears with the red hair.
I just look more the part with it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Side Note: Need to Mention

How freaking cute is Emma Watson? I just can't handle it.

Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) has turned into a VERY attractive young man.

That is all.

Long Day

Tonight is midnight showing of


And last, but CERTAINLY not least:
omg i love him

I'm so ridiculously excited. If I was smart, I would be taking a nap before leaving for the movies. But of course, D.Soup, Tiffany.Dawn and I are watching Part 1 before we go.

SO, basically... my schedule today/tomorrow is:
  • Work all day (8-4)
  • Pick Calli up
  • Go home and try to clean up a little (we have a new schedule that we are doing a terrible job sticking to... more about that later)
  • Watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
  • Drive to movie theater
  • Stand in line for 3 hours
  • Leave movie theater (approx 3 am)
  • Power nap
  • Work all day tomorrow
It's going to be SO FREAKING AWESOME.

This movie is so totally worth lack of sleep.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Never again will I inform my body of plans that I am making for us.

I started off my "do better at exercising" plan focused and motivated. And then everything came to a screeching halt... For good reason.

It's like a crime scene in my pants.

Yes, that is a quote from "No Strings Attached". And it is completely appropriate for the last three days of my existence.

This is sort of how it went down...

Mz.Soup: Hmm, I think it might be about time to think about babies.
Uterus: Say what?
MS: Yeah, I think I'm going to go off my pills soon.
Uterus: You want to do WHAT?! Let me remind you of how life was when you weren't on the pill...

Three days later and I'm uncertain if I'm exhausted from my vacation (which is completely unfair, you're supposed to be relaxed after vacation), or if it's from the blood loss.

I vaguely remember laying on the floor and informing my mother that "it feels like someone is sucking my insides out with a vacuum".

My life has been fairly stable since I started taking the pill, light periods, no pain. A mild case of the crazies (read: Hysterical sobbing because D.Soup had not cleaned the litter box immediately after I asked him) there for a little while until I got my pills changed around. But since then, magical. Well, until Monday.

I only have one more comment for the moment.

Rot in hell, Uterus.

PS. Please don't ACTUALLY rot... I need you.
For, you know, baby making related things

Friday, July 1, 2011

Side Note: Better Luck Next Week!

Since obviously this week was a giant, huge, disastrous bust for the whole diet/exercise thing... I'm pushing the start date back.

Next week... NEXT WEEK I say. I will start C25K for real and get back to making super-awesome good-for-me-not-carry-out-dinners. Which will be the exact opposite of this week.

I have my schedule all set up for starting on Saturday (aka tomorrow).


See? This way I'll HAVE to do it.

Cross your fingers.


I woke up with a migraine this morning. One that, if not dealt with immediately had the potential to be a doozey. And yes, spell check... that is a real word. So shut your face.

I ripped myself from my 10 inches of space that D.Soup had left me to sleep in. Glared at him, and the 15 inches on the other side of him. And stumbled my way blindly to the bathroom.

After searching in every cabinet I could find (in the dark).... And almost throwing a few bottles of what was NOT Excedrin Migraine across the room.... I remembered that the miracle drug was downstairs. Blast.

I crawled back into my tiny space, not so nicely asked D.Soup to share the {damn} bed, and let him know that he needed to get up so he could be my hero. There's no way I was making it down the stairs.

My loving, adoring husband took his sweet time getting out of bed... and made sure to make a pit stop in the bathroom before heading downstairs to find me my relief. Thanks love.

He finally brought it upstairs, alone. No water. No cup even. Thanks again.

And THEN, he flipped on the lights so he could start to get ready. Luckily, while in my head I was hissing and screaming nothing but HATE at him, my mouth could only manage "uuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnn" while I rolled over an covered my eyes as quickly as I could. (For those that don't have the luxury of experiencing a migraine, light = BAD).

So once again, eyes closed, face planted firmly in the crook of my elbow, I made a mad blind dash for the darkness of the bathroom. I scooped water from the sink into my mouth like I had been lost in the desert for a week and just found a river... and tossed back the breakfast of champions.

I knew it was a terrible idea, but there was no stopping me.

The nausea that ensued for the following hour was completely worth my lack of headache.

...I just gave myself a pep talk in the bathroom. It was, and I quote:
"Okay, Shambles. Get your shit together."
I'm doing much better now.

But this got me to thinking... We're making plans to start a family sometime in the near future...

What on earth am I going to do without Excedrin Migraine for 10 months?

Ten.whole.months, and most likely more, with no light at the end of the tunnel when a migraine randomly decides to grace me with its presence. And who knows what other kinds of crazed emotions I will be experiencing while another life form is growing inside of me... A migraine like that could set of an entire domino effect of disaster.

There's only one answer...

The Soup house is going to become a war zone. One of us may not make it out alive. And I don't know if it will be me - in my debilitated state, or my husband - who will have to go up against Hulk Smash, that will survive.

I need to buy the animals some armor.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Side Note: Realization

I'm not funny in writing.

I have my moments in person, you know, if you can get past the stuttering. Because for some reason I can not get through a story without ti-ti-ti-ticking through parts or, lets be honest, completely forgetting words anymore.

I read through these other blogs and end up completely in tears because of the way they have told their story. And I think, this kind of stuff happens to me, but I can't portray it in the same way.

I must work on this.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I can't make this stuff up

I had big plans on Monday: Get back on schedule, make dinners, exercise.

All of that has gone to hell in 3 days.

D.Soup's favorite pair of pants had a hole in a very inconvenient place. AKA his crotch. And he's been begging me for weeks to fix it so he can wear them again. So I finally took a few minutes and patched it up with the sewing machine at my mom's house.

Afterwards, we didn't have enough time to cook dinner and make it to the gym before my 8 pm cutoff, so we stopped at Burger King (fail #1). It was delicious. It was also 30 points.

It was decided that D.Soup was going to the gym, and I would take Calli for a walk and do my run when he got home, because I did not want to have to deal with her while I was on the treadmill alone. I also did not want to be alone for the first introduction between Calli and the treadmill. I feel that would be traumatic for all parties involved.

Calli and I went for our walk. And during this time I remember that I offered to go with my mom to the airport to collect my sister and her family. Which meant that my treadmill time was conflicting with my "helpful sister" time (fail #2). So I make the choice to find something OnDemand once I get home.

YOGA. Yoga is what I choose. Which is fine... it was actually a really good workout.

But my dog. My GIRL dog. Took the "downward dog" position way to literally for my liking and humped me every time I had to go into that pose. It was overwhelming, and disturbing.

AND THEN, 5 minutes left in my workout. And someone knocks on the door of my house. I thought for a minute maybe D.Soup forgot his key. If only I was that lucky.

I open the door to find his little sister, in tears. Now, I've had issues with this girl in the past. So of course I had to work three times harder than normal not to roll my eyes at her through the storm door... I'm just going to sum up her drama of the moment:
  1. Her dad is "an ass" and tells her she's useless
  2. Her mom doesn't defend her against him
  3. Her "friend" is a bitch
  4. The boy she likes isn't speaking to her (because she yelled at him)
She's 19. THESE are normal issues a 19 year old has to face.

Long story short: I told her to suck it up and stop being mean to everyone.

She then proceeded to sit around and talk and wait for D.Soup to get home. ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS FINISH MY YOGA. Dammit.

I started the day off in pain. It was good pain. It was 25 minutes of YOGA pain. So I was cool with it. Does that mean I didn't complain all day? Hell no, I whined like a little girl...

On the way to work I realized I didn't pack a breakfast bar. Eff. So I get a bagel with butter from downstairs. Come back up, eat it.. THEN put it in the points calculator: 13 points. THIRTEEN POINTS. That's HALF of my daily points value. DOUBLE Eff.

By the time I ate lunch I had 3 points left for the afternoon.

My pregnant sister was feeling lazy yesterday afternoon. And since she works in the same building with my husband, she asked him to drive her to her car. Well at 4 pm they get ready to go, and't.start.



So my sister walks to her car, drives over to my building, picks me up. So we can see if it's just D.Soups key fob. Its not.

So I reschedule our dentist appointments for the second time. We ride with my sister to meet my mother. They exchange cars (and babies) and my sister leaves. Mom drives D.Soup and I to her house, we drop her off. We drive her car BACK to our broken car and try to jump it. Fail. We call a tow truck. They say they'll be there within the hour. It's 6 pm already. FML.

So we get Subway. Another 20 point meal. It's alright because my Fake Watchers points were already fucked for the day... so I don't care.

Then we sit and wait for the tow. 7 pm rolls around and he's nowhere to be found. 7:20... nothing. I believe he finally showed up at 7:30. And the Would Not Shut Up the entire time we were with him. LUCKILY, I sat in the car and left D.Soup to deal with him. Because I would have punched him.

We finally got to pick Calli up from my parents house at 9:30. And went home and climbed straight into bed.

Hopefully today will go more smoothly.

So far so good.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Serious Business Time

Alright, well as much as it hurts me to admit this... I've pretty much gained all the weight back that I lost in April/May. An entire 8 pounds... I knew it was going to happen with all the time I took off. But it didn't stop me from almost losing it last night when I stepped on the scale. It was probably stupid of me to do it after a day of eating, but it sent an important message home...

Well today that ends.

I was doing so freaking good. Damn it, there were actual results and I still just gave up. I'm really irritated at myself. I NEED to lose this weight, it's to the point of ridiculousness now. It's got to go.

Today I'm starting up C25K again. And I'm going to run every other day until I'm done. And maybe I'll keep running after that.

We're also getting back on the wagon with healthy cooking today. We didn't have any groceries, and so abandoned all hope of making good-for-us food. But we fixed that this weekend, so we have food to make and good things to eat. Finally.

  • Back on with Fake Watchers.
  • Back on with Tracking my weight daily.
  • Back on with Making dinner every night and taking leftovers for lunches.
  • Back on with C25K and other forms of exercise.

I feel like I need to do this, not just for the weight loss... but for myself. I always get motivated to do it, and never follow all the way through.

I will do it this time.

Friday, June 24, 2011


I made a Deer Zucchini Casserole for dinner last night. It was delicious. I just made everything up, so when I was talking to my mom later and she asked for the recipe, I had to remember exactly what I did.

I'm glad I had to write it down... Now I'll have it for later use.

Here it is:

1 lb. deer meat
1 whole zucchini (I used half of a squash and half of a zucchini) chopped, I left mine kinda big
1 box penne (or whatever) pasta -- I used ronzoni smart taste
2 15 oz. cans tomato sauce
1 can rotel diced tomatoes with jalapeños
1/2 cup chicken broth
1/2 cup chopped onion (I used onion powder because I didn't have real onion)
4 cloves garlic -- 2 smashed 2 chopped
Cheese (I used provolone slices, but that was all I had)
Fresh Basil (I have freeze dried, and just shook it out, didn't measure)
1 bay leaf
2 ish tbsp. EVOO (I have a dispenser thing and just went around the pan twice)

Dispenser thing for my EVOO

Preheat oven to 350

Put the cans of tomato sauce and diced tomatoes into a large frying pan. I used my big cast iron skillet. Add the 2 smashed cloves of garlic, broth, and onion and leave to simmer on low heat.

Put EVOO in another frying pan. Add chopped garlic and let simmer for 2 min. Add deer meat and cook until brown. Add zucchini and cook 5 more min.

Add meat mixture to tomato sauce. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Continue to simmer on low heat for 20 min. Stir occasionally.

After 20 min, add basil and bay leaf. Start water boiling for pasta now. After about 10 min, taste the sauce, if it's a little tart, add a little sugar. Might want to do this anyway, mine wasn't tart but I added about 2 tsp of sugar and it changed the sauce's taste...yum.

Cook the pasta 10 min (or whatever your instructions say for al dente). When that's done Remove the bay leaf and the two smashed garlic cloves from the sauce. Layer pasta, sauce, cheese. And again. Cook for 15 min.

Enjoy. ;)

I realized as we were going to bed last night, that I didn't take a single picture of my creation.


Monday, June 13, 2011

This is just sad

I have nothing going on in my life. Well, at least, that's what it feels like.

I mean, I know that over the past 12 days there's been a bunch that has happened. But each day I look back and try to think about something to write and there's nothing. Sad.

That means we'll just have to recap:

So last weekend D.Soup decided we were disappointed in our current car (which we've only had for a year), and wanted to look around at something else. The reasoning I have in my head as to why it's not completely ridiculous for us to be trading in a 1 year old car is this: I shouldn't be disappointed in a car that is from a company that makes nothing but luxury cars. The End.

Well, as it just so happens, when D.Soup and I get our minds on something it usually ends up happening within the week. Which means: we are now the proud owners of a Jeep Grand Cherokee!
It's green. But it looks black in these pictures.

I twitched all day at work just waiting for 2:30 pm. That was the time that everything was going to happen, magic hour.

2:30 hit, and we left... got in the car... and headed to Philadelphia to go!see!GLEE!!!

It was glorious. Everything I had ever hoped and dreamed it would be. And at the end I started asking my friends who wanted in on tickets for the next night in DC. I had a few takers too, until it took us 4 hours to get home because of traffic. Ugh.

It was totally worth it.

Thanks for the pictures, Tiff. :)

I thought I was dying. Not going to sleep until 3 am blows. We got out of bed at 6:30. I am a beast. I drank more caffeine this day than I think I have in 10 years. It.wasn't.helping. I begged, BEGGED D.Soup to take me home. But NO, we stayed at work all 8 hours. Like I said, beast.

We went to work. We were bored. So we left. It was amazing to be able to just up and leave. We don't do it very often, so it's nice every once in a while. I'm going to be paying for it later when I have to either make up the time or use my leave, but it was worth it. D.Soup went and played golf with one of his boyfriends. I went to my mom's house and hung out with her and my sister's kids. And crafted.

Results of crafting

I made these banners for my friends bridal shower. I'm really excited about them. I'm making a bunch of other stuff too, but these are the only thing that's finished right now. I'm thinking about posting them on Etsy and trying to sell some. :)

D.Soup went crabbing with one of his other boyfriends (there are many) early in the morning. This allowed me to sleep in a little, and then go to mom's all day and work on finishing up the paper part of the banners. Calli hung out with us while we were crafting, and she managed to make a complete mess of the floor in my grandfathers basement (my fault - I gave her a piece of wood from outside and she turned into a beaver... wood chips were everywhere).

After my nice relaxing morning, the afternoon/evening turned into a frantic mess. It went a little like this:

4 pm --
D.Soup: We're on our way home from crabbing. We're going to call everyone in a little while to plan a time for picking crabs.
Mz.Soup: Alright, make sure you give everyone time, since we're going out tonight too.
D.Soup: Hon, I got this.
5 pm --
D.Soup: Okay, we're going to meet over here at 5:30.
Mz.Soup: I'll be there
5:30 pm --
D.Soup: So it's just going to be us.
Mz.Soup: Why?
D.Soup: There's not enough time to eat and get ready.
Mz.Soup: I told you!
6 pm --
Frantic crab picking and eating
7 pm --
Drive home to take a shower. Hit.every.traffic.light.
7:15 pm --
Get in shower
7:19 pm --
Get out of shower (shortest shower of my LIFE. AND I shampooed, conditioned, and washed.)
7:30 pm --
Leave house (we were running late -- supposed to be at our friends house at 7:30)
8 pm --
Drop boys off at Buffalo Wild Wings. Go to dinner with the girls.

After 8, it was a very relaxed and fun night. We got dinner at this Italian place none of us had every been to, and it was amazing. Then we went out for drinks. And got hit on by some creepers.

I made sure to tell D.Soup multiple times that it's completely ridiculous to try to do that many things in such a short amount of time. I don't know if I got through though.

I cleaned my face off. The sad thing is, I only got 2 rooms cleaned. But they are, for the most part, scrubbed and beautiful. That should tell you how much of a disaster area my house is right now. We did pretty much ALL of the laundry over the weekend too, so that's good.

Then I did nothing but play Words with Friends the rest of the night.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I don't know what happened.

One minute, I'm cruising along... Dropping weight like its nothing, starting the C25K program, planning all this great stuff to do for the house.

The next minute, I've hit a wall.

I've got a billion things teeming around in my head that I know I need to do.
  • Keep up with diet/exercise
  • Take Calli for more walks
  • Clean every single room in the house
  • Do laundry
  • Write thank you cards (seriously, we got married in October, this needs to happen)
  • Get my closet organized
  • Go through all our clothes
  • Weed the flower bed so I can plant things
  • Clean up the back patio
  • Get back into knitting

The list goes on and on and on...

And all I want to do is read.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

That Face

Like I said yesterday, I never really have time to sit down at my computer and actually DO THINGS. So yesterday I made a point to get some stuff done. I uploaded a bunch of pictures from the last month or so... So here's Calli at the end of March:

Hanging out on the back of the couch.

pew pew pew

She destroyed that toy in about 30 seconds, and she still loves it.

My mom still has my nice camera, so I think most of these were taken on the other one. Ugh. We gave her some money towards a camera for Mother's Day. Get on it, Mom.

Here's two of my favorite pictures from her first trip to Ocean City. Next weekend I'll be taking pictures of her first encounter with the ocean. Those should be awesome.

Caught her at the end of a bark, but she looks so serious


Here's some pictures of Calli yesterday:

These were taken outside, with the good camera. So the quality is much better. Except the last one, that damn cloud came out of nowhere. She likes to be at my moms, because she's allowed to run around free (when we are there, mom doesn't trust her). At our house right now she has to be on a leash outside at all times because our yard is too small, not fenced and too close to a trafficky road. Sad.

And, because I feel like a bad mommy. Here's pictures of my boys:

My little tiny baby, Leonidas:
Gigantor, aka Atticus:

I love them all

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Side Note: Face Lift

I switched a few things around.

Mainly, the background. Obviously.

I want to create a new title picture, but that means I have to actually sit down at my computer at home and make time to do that.

Considering I can't even make time to clean up anything in my house right now. The plain title is going to have to suffice for now.

That is all.

Matchy Matchy

We went to a wedding on Sunday. It was very pretty, and we had a blast.

Well, I had a blast. D.Soup sat around and watched me act like a fool. He was not enthused.

It might have had something to do with the fact that he really didn't know anyone, as it was MY coworker's wedding.

Anywho, I'm killing two birds with one stone here. New pictures of my hair (sort of... it's up) and pictures of D.Soup and I.
The usual: Me dancing with no shoes on.
The entire time I kept saying "why are you so TALL!?"

The Soup Family.

Mr. D.Soup looking dapper.


Please note: I do not condone the fish face. Somehow I can't stop myself from making it. As you can see, it's really not a good look. But I wanted you to see us in all our matching glory.

It's moments like this that I pat myself on the back for buying D.Soup all those different colored button up shirts years ago when I was tired of him wearing blue all the time.

I do think he was mildly embarrassed with how many comments on how "cute" we looked and all the multiple "look at how perfectly matched you guys are" we got.

I loved every second of it.

Friday, May 13, 2011


I made my first sale on Etsy! These were my most popular item, and they finally sold today! I'm so excited!

The only problem is I have to go make another pair because I gave this pair to a friend a few months ago. Not a big deal :)

Maybe this will inspire me to get busy knitting more. I keep starting projects and getting bored with them.

I'm so happy :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Side Note: The verdict

We went to the shoe store tonight... I walked around barefoot for the guy to gauge what kind of shoe I would need. He recommended these:
Mizuno Inspire Running Shoes.

They are now mine.

They are so light it hardly feels like I am wearing shoes. We didn't have time to go running tonight to test them out, but hopefully tomorrow!

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Once upon a time...

Before we moved into our house, another family lived there - I will dub them "The Old's Family". This is usually the case. It was a family of 4, 2 parents and 2 grown children - one just out of high school and the other finishing up that year.

Our house has 3 bedrooms, and one bathroom. At times its too small for D.Soup and I... Who am I kidding, it's almost ALWAYS too small for us.

I think all the time about how those two "kids" were living in the two rooms that we now call the computer room and the exercise room. I wish I had the actual room dimensions to give you. You would feel bad for them too.

I'm sure I am going to spend a ton of time listing off all the things that were wrong with the house once we were physically there all the time, and you are going to be thinking to yourself "Really, Mz.Soup? You spent all this time to complain about... what, exactly?" And then I'll be sad because you don't understand.

But whatever, continuing on.

And maybe, just maybe you'll be on my side and completely understand why I tell people all the time "I really dislike the people who lived in our house before us."

*crosses her fingers*


The first time we ever saw the house. Before we bought it. Our realtor called 30 minutes in advance to let the owners know that we would be stopping by.

You know, so they could get out of there... because who wants to walk around a potential house with the owners following you around breathing down your neck??


We walk in the door... And there they all were. In the house. With us.

Awkward? Yes.

Especially when Mr.Old started following us around and explaining each part of the house to us

because that's not what our realtor was there for or anything.


The closet. Oh god our awful closet. I knew it was awful the first time we ever walked in there, during the incident with the previous owners. I'm fairly certain my first words were: "This is going to need to be changed" even then.

Of course, we're just now getting around to doing something about it, but that's beside the point.


The paint (part 1).* There are three real rooms on the first floor of our house.

Kitchen, Living room, Dining room.

Our living room and dining room are connected (well, all three are technically connected but just for visual sake). Two separate rooms, but connected. They were painted the same color. Tan. Oh, so was the stairwell. Tan. Almost everywhere was tan.

This tan to be exact: Now, don't get all "oh it's not that bad!" on me. Two full rooms of that. Hundreds of feet of wall space covered in THAT. It was awful. And it took us almost 3 years to be completely rid of all of it. Ugh.

The only other room in the house that was painted something other than white... was lavender.


The floral wall borders (part 1). Three separate rooms.

All. different. border.

Maybe it's just because I'm not much of flower person.

(I made standees of D.Soup and I as centerpieces for our wedding because I did NOT want flowers)

Two rooms downstairs: Living Room and Dining Room (again, attached) each had their own special borders. Then the one room upstairs, the only other non-white paint room in our whole house - also wall bordered.


The floral wall borders (part 2). Removal.

We started in the dining room - super excited about getting rid of at least one border and armed with a wall steamer. We did fairly well, only minor cursing and a few steam burns. And we got very skilled at maneuvering around the room on our dining room chairs.

We got three quarters of the way down. And discovered another. layer. of. wall. border. UNDERNEATH the first, with a layer of paint in between.

Who does that?!

I believe this is the first time I uttered "I HATE the Old's"


Here is a picture of the wall the way the Old's had it (after the border was taken down -- note the TAN, and the back of D.Soup):

we got rid of that fan too, it's just not one of the necessary "I hate the Old's" memories

Luckily the other two rooms were no where near as bad. In fact the day we started working on the living room, we were dreading the wall paper removal... and I went downstairs and pulled the whole thing down - sans steamer - in almost one full piece.

It was a thing of beauty.


The paint (part 2). I'm not the best painter, I understand that. Even on my worst day, I am 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times better than anyone in the Old's family. In every room that we have painted since we bought our house, we have had to cut the electrical socket plates and light switch plates from the wall.

Because the Old's painted right over them. Socket and all.

Which meant paint running down the wall after they were finished from where it had globbed on the corners of the plate. And paint in the holes of the sockets.

We had to sand the wall around each of the holes where there were sockets, because the paint was so thick that there was a ledge.

We have purchased new electrical sockets/light switches and covers for every room that we have painted.

(You're next, kitchen)


The doorknobs. Every. single. doorknob. upstairs. was. different. Even knobs attached to the SAME DOOR. The front would be gold and the back would be silver.


that is all.


I wish that I would have had the forethought to take more pictures of this stuff before we got rid of it. But at the time I just wanted it GONE.

I hate the Old's.
I feel better now.

*Now I understand that paint color is a preference thing. I'm sure whoever buys our house from us is going to COMPLETELY hate us too. Because I have bright (read: "crazy") color preferences. And D.Soup is color blind so I pretty much can choose whatever I want. So I get that. But Tan and Lavender are NOT something I would choose. And they were both ugly versions of their designated color family. And for that I blame you, people-I-shall-not-name-but lived-in-the-house-before-me. The end.

Friday, May 6, 2011

East Bound and Down

My mom and I are going to Ocean City this weekend. A Mother's Day celebration and SPRINGFEST.
Hence why I was packing a bag last night. We are leaving today.

I'm pretty excited.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Side Note: Really, Could you be any lazier?

I just unpacked the suitcase we filled with "souvenirs and extra stuff". From our honeymoon. In October.

You now have my permission to be as disappointed in us as I was.

And go.

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See Mz. Soup Run

I, obviously, have become quickly addicted to blogger-dom.

I've heard, briefly, about the Couch to 5K (C25K) program before, but don't really enjoy running that much and never considered it something that I was interested in.

Yesterday, Jenna from ThatWife posted about her C25K experience. Getting a chance to see someone who considered them self "not a runner" - like myself - document her progress, her descriptions of each month, the trials she faced... That was all really cool, interesting and actually very helpful.

But the most important thing: the results. She's shared the charting of her progress with us, and I can see first hand how much it helped her. She had nothing but good things to say about the experience...

So last night I started the program too.

We finished making dinner, and even though I wanted to lay down on the couch and take a nap (because I'm STILL exhausted all the time) I went upstairs and grabbed some workout clothes and headed to the gym with D.Soup.

C25K app

Jenna also recommended the C25K app. So I downloaded it onto my iPad (its a iPod app, so it doesn't fill the whole screen, but I was okay with that). It gives you verbal instructions each time you're supposed to switch between walking and running, and allows you to create a playlist from any music that you have on you iPod. You can also make journal entries after each run to keep track of yourself. It was pretty cool.

Week 1 Day 1:
Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.

It wasn't even hard. I just didn't have the motivation to talk myself into it before. Fake watchers started the motivation, now lets just hope that I have the energy to keep up with it.

I'm pretty sure I'm in need of new shoes though. I think I've had mine for about 5 years. And while they didn't get a whole lot of use in that time, I feel its time for a replacement.

D.Soup and I are going to this cool shoe place in Annapolis recommended by 2 friends of ours now... The people there watch you walk, pick out a few pairs of shoes that could be a good match, and then throw you on a treadmill and tape you while you're running to analyze your needs better. So that you get the best shoe available for your running style.

That all sounds really cool. Until you get to the part where they are going to I don't rightly know if that's something that I want to witness, I might never run again...

Day 2:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sad Panda

It's been an average week.

So average that I haven't had anything really interesting to write about (not that my previous posts have been interesting, but whatever....), so I just haven't been writing.

Things that have happened this week:
1. Calli had her surgery
2. We changed out the slats for the new plywood under the bed
3. I made some cool shirts and put them on Etsy
4. D.Soup's birthday was yesterday
5. ........................

Seriously, half the days I couldn't tell you WHAT happened.

I could have written about numbers 2 and 3, but that would require me uploading pictures. And I'm lazy. There will be posts about both. Sometime. In the future.

I have a few things, mostly Calli related, that I've been saving up. I'll go ahead and combine them into one post.

Like this:This is Calli post surgery. She did great, and everything went fine. But as soon as she woke up she started licking her belly and where her dewclaw (read: freak toe) used to be. So they slapped the cone on her.

The photo was taken in the car on the way home. The ladies at the vet's office said as soon as they put the cone on her she completely forgot that she could walk. And stood, feet planted awkwardly and braced as if the world was ending, staring at the floor.

WHAT IS HAPPENING?! What have I done to deserve this?? And where did my legs go?!

She assumes this exact position every time it goes back on too. Once she remembers her motor functions, she runs into everything like she had absolutely no knowledge of them existing pre-cone. WHAT IS THIS?! There was no DOOR there 10 minutes ago! She also holds her head so low that the cone gets stuck on anything that's on the floor. Getting her in the crate is impossible. Putting the cone on when she's in the crate is even more impossible. Bedtime has been interesting for the past week.

Last night was the first time we decided we should test run sleeping without the cone. She was fine until about 4:30 this morning, and then D.Soup wakes me up...

I think Calli is licking her belly.

Now mind you, I'm half asleep and it's PITCH BLACK in our bedroom. So I really can't see her to verify what exactly she is licking. But I can hear the distinct *slurp slurp slurp* of her licking something. I can also just make out her silhouette, and it looks like she might be curled in a way that she could, possibly, be licking her belly.

But at this point I could be looking at her ass and thinking its her face so obviously we can't expect my idea about her position to be anywhere near accurate.

So I did what any normal, half asleep, person would do... I banged on the crate, told her to knock it off, and threatened her with the cone. I had no intentions of actually getting up and putting the cone on her, but the threat worked for about 2 seconds.

*knock knock knock* Calli, cut it out.

Mom? You're awake now. Okay awesome, let me out. (Which actually came out as her breathing very close to my face, and her tail banging against the crate)

No. Calli really, stop. Go back to sleep.


Then she started licking or chewing on the crate bars.. *slurp slurp slurp* *scregy scregy*, THEN she found her squeaky dragon toy. Which sounds similar to a surprised duck *schrrEEEEEeeee*. And for a minute I actually had serious thoughts of getting up and going through with my threat about the cone. I don't cope well with being awake when I don't want to be.

But then I passed back out, and I'm assuming she did too.

I think, overall, we were victorious in the non-cone bedtime, minus the morning snafu. I'm not sure how long she's not allowed to lick herself. I've caught her a few times and stopped her... but her belly is looking better so I think she should be alright.



D.Soup played golf over the weekend. Sunday, I think.
(like I said before... can't.remember.what.happened)


While he was gone, Calli and I went over to my parents house. My mom hijacked my good camera, and any time I need to take decent pictures of what I've made I have to go over there. She also had buttons and things of that nature that I wanted to add to some of the shirts I'd made.

So while I was there it started raining. Of course, Calli wanted to go out like 49,080,654,380 times. So she was in her crate quite a bit -- Grammy's not down for a giant wet puppy running around her house and getting on her furniture. The point is, she had a bunch of pent up energy by the time we were ready to go home.

Since my mom lives really far back from the road, I'm comfortable taking Calli out sometimes without a leash. And most of the time she's really good about staying with me. MOST of the time.

This time it went a little like this:

Come on Calli, let's get in the car...

...............Wait, what's that?

At this point she would get distracted by something on the ground. Probably grass. Because it's not like everywhere she was running had grass or anything. I would start walking towards her. And she wouldn't notice me. And I would get excited because I was going to catch her. And I would get 3 steps from her. And see her eyes twitch towards me just a little. I'd been caught... Then she would take off running all over again.

Did I mention it was raining?

Finally, after 10 minutes of "I'm not going to chase you around," I finally caught her. And we were both drenched.

We got in the car and started to make our way home. I got out of the driveway and halfway down the street before I realized that my cellphone was missing. So we bust a U, and head back towards moms. As I'm walking up the sidewalk, I glance over. There, in the grass, where I had latched on to my psychopathic dog, was my cell phone.

The worst part is I couldn't even be mad at her.
She was having such a fantastic time.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Current Dilemma

I hate my bras.


When I first bought them, it was love. BIOFit from Victoria's Secret.


I think my love of them, and the fact that I only bought 2 and had already begun to hate the other bras that I had at that time, caused me to wear them more frequently than I should have.

That turned into wearing them ALL the time.

And now I hate them.

They are uncomfortable. They don't sit where they are supposed to anymore. The straps fall down ALL THE TIME even when they are all the way tight.

And recently, when I put one on it feels like something is stabbing me. And it's not the underwire, because I've checked... and probably offended some people for feeling myself up in public... but it's ANNOYING.

For example:
Today I put my bra on. And immediately felt an itching/stabbing sensation on the "underside" of my boob (hah, I just said boob). So I check, nothing there. Cool. BUT IT STILL HURT. I'm to the point, 4 hours into my day, that I'm dreaming about getting in the car this afternoon so that I can take it off. And again, probably offend some people as I pull my bra out of the sleeve of my shirt, in the middle of the day, where anyone could see me. Whatever, you don't know me.

I'm also daydreaming about going to the bathroom right now and taking it off. I would do it too, but the threat of 4 hours of perky nipples is greater than the annoyance of the phantom itching/stabbing non-underwire harassment that I am experiencing currently.

I get paid tomorrow. I will be going out and purchasing myself some new bras.

  1. Calli's surgery is tomorrow. So I have to see how she's feeling before I run off to the store. I also have to pay for her surgery, so that takes away some of my funds.
  2. I need to get my hair dyed, BAD. It will happen this month. More removal of funds.
  3. I'm trying to pay down my credit cards. So if I spend a bunch of money on new bras, I won't be able to pay as much off.
  4. D.Soup's birthday is next Tuesday. I need to keep some money around in case he finally decides what he wants
I don't really think these things are going to play much of a part in my decision making, but who knows.

Only a few more hours until freedom.
For me AND my boobs.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Side Note: A look into my shambles of a life

I am not a morning person, even on my best day... and we know that currently NO day over the past month is anywhere close to being considered "my best day."

This morning I got up at 5:30 am (WHAT) and took a shower.

D.Soup also got up, to take Calli out because she was huffing and puffing in her crate.

As I am struggling to keep my eyes open in the shower, I almost fall over and have to prop myself up on the wall. I am actually impressed that I actually managed to get myself clean, shampooed and conditioned... I think I might have even got a little shave action in at the underarms. But I can't remember.

I come back into the bedroom to find Calli back in her crate and D.Soup back in bed.

What are you doing?

Waiting for you to get out of the shower.

Why are you in bed?

Because I wanted to cuddle you.

Well, what time are we getting up?

I guess now.

...And I immediately burst into tears.

I don't remember exactly what I said, because most of it was gibberish. But I do remember something along the lines of "All I want is to lay back down and you get to lay down and now you want to get back up and I always get up before you and......"

So we climbed back in bed and slept until about 7:15.

I still didn't want to get up then.

Whenever I do end up having kids, I just know they are going to end up being "morning people." They are going to wake up at 5 am all happy and bubbly and make me bitter towards them for a little while because we're both awake and they are completely okay with that fact.

Because someone, somewhere, hates me.

I have a Short Fuse

I am a happy person.

I smile and laugh and have a bounce in my step. I do not shoot death glares at anyone that moves in a way I don't think they should be.


This week has been an exception.

I thought it was maybe just the experiences that I've been having this week.

But I started thinking about it today, and decided it might be part of the symptoms of my potential hypothyroidism.

(Which, by the way, I'm still waiting to hear back on -- Manuel, whoever you are... I know you don't read my blog but CALL ME BACK NOW. kthxbi.)

I have dubbed myself the Hulk.

So I googled, because that's what I do when I need the answer to something. Google knows everything.

Turns out, I could be right. Its most likely a mixture of the hypothyroidism and my complete and utter exhaustion, which are basically the same thing... but whatever.

This whole theory is going to be completely ruined,
if they tell me that my test results came back normal.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


AKA Project Revamp Parts Of Our House That Bother Us So We Don't Hate It Anymore Because We Are Going To Be Here For At Least Another Year.

We hate our house.

Okay, not so much hate it. We have a TON of stuff, and not so much space to put it in.
(PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS! Itty-bitty living space.)

Add two cats and a dog and all their accessories to that, and we are cramped. And uncomfortable. And messy.

Originally we had planned on moving this year. But now we've decided to focus more on paying down some credit cards and saving money for when we actually do buy a house. (look at us making adult decisions)

So we had to come up with a plan.


There are phases to this project.

Stage 1 was discussed here and then tucked away for everyone to forget about.

The plywood has been purchased, the door has been ordered. Stage 1 - complete.

Stage 2: Cut plywood down to size. We need two 61x40 inch pieces to replace the slats under our mattress on our bed.This is similar to our bed, it's from IKEA. When we originally got this bed, I was in love.

Then we moved.

And now it's a nightmare. Well, the bed itself isn't a nightmare, the wooden slats underneath it are. See, when we moved, the normal 60 inch width of the bed frame expanded slighty and is now 61 inches. The slats do not approve.

They fall out from under the mattress all the time. Causing D.Soup's side of the bed to be a few inches lower than mine. Which then produces an uncomfortable night's sleep.

We are over it.

D.Soup is going to be working on getting the new boards cut this afternoon, and hopefully it will be smooth sailing from there.

The rest of the plywood is going into the attic. The current flooring in the attic is a few randomly placed pieces of board that are only about 3 feet wide in a circle around the attic "door." Another lovely gift from the people that lived in the house before us. I'll have to write something up about all THAT at a later date.

More attic floor means more storage space for stuff that we never use but didn't have anywhere to put before. This means Mz.Soup has to come to terms with the fact that there is some stuff in her closet and drawers that she HASN'T WORN in quite a while. I think I can manage that. Think.

It will be good to get a bunch of the random stuff around our house out of the way...

Stage 3: Is really an extension of Stage 1. While at Home Depot last night, we bought "mollies" (I put in parenthesis because D.Soup continued to say "they aren't mollies" every time I would say "we need to go grab some mollies." So obviously I am wrong, but that's what I've always called them and that's what I will probably to continue to call them. So there.) for the railing that we put in a few months ago. The bottom part of it apparently didn't end up in a stud, so now it's decided to start coming back out.

We also ordered a new front entry door and storm door. We can currently see light coming through the gap in between the side of the door and the framing, so we are pretty excited about a replacement.

Obviously, a new addition to Stage 3 is a new garbage disposal. We will be purchasing one either tonight or tomorrow, and installing it over the weekend.

Stage 4: New closet organization.

The first time we toured our house before buying it, I walked into the master closet and went "oh, well this would need to be changed." It was awful. Just two metal poles running the length of the right side and back wall of the closet. And they overlapped each other in the corner.

It's still like that to this day.

We kept talking ourselves out of it: "No, we can just deal with it... we won't be here forever." Well now that I'm going to be here another year, I want it fixed... and I want it fixed NOW.

I have an image in my head. It looks a little something like this:

And this:Mixed together in a beautiful masterpiece of organized clothes storage glory.

My expectations for this Stage of the project are obviously very high.

Honestly anything will be an improvement from what we have right now.

These are the first few stages, there will be many more additions to Project RPOOHTBUSWDHIABWAGTBHFALAY. Right now, these are the most prevalent pieces, so they are the focus. I think we need to finish these few things before we step back and say "now what?" I will try to post updates (maybe with pictures!) as each Stage is completed.

I'm so ready for a new closet.

Side Note: From the Daily Squee

Oh. My. Goodness.

And they even named it Love Him, Squeeze Him, Call Him George.

That is all.

Side Note: Death Stare

If you stare the back of someone's head down with enough venom, they WILL feel it.

I tested this theory out with Mr. I'm Not Going To Hold This Door Open For You Even Though You're Only Two Steps Behind Me.

Mz.Soup: *angry eyes*

He damn sure felt that, because the second door he held open for me.

Thanks, guy.

Obviously I'm still "cranky" from yesterday.

I'll try to think of something happy to post about :)

Mz.Cranky McAngryStarePants

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Night from hell

I know I posted once already today, but I need to get this down before I push it to the part of my brain that I save for horrible things I don't want to remember... Which hopefully will be any time now.

I would like to preface this with a reminder that at this point in my life, at approximately 7 pm I "turn into a pumpkin." This is a cute little saying my sister came up with to describe my niece if she's not in bed by a certain time. It's a nice way of say that my niece turns into a screaming banshee if she's passed bedtime.

So remember: 7 pm = Mz.Soup turns into a pumpkin...

Normally, D.Soup and I have a fairly laid back evening once we get home from work. Other than the "crazy time" we usually deal with regularly with the animals, our life is simple.

Not tonight.

Tonight we decided to begin a plan we developed yesterday, we'll call it: Revamp Parts Of Our House That Bother Us So We Don't Hate It Anymore Because We Are Going To Be Here For At Least Another Year. Ugh.

Stage 1 of RPOOHTBUSWDHIABWAGTBHFALAY: We need plywood for attic storage, and for under our bed, and we need to pick out/order a new front door. Easy enough, right?

That's where you are wrong.

We borrow my grandfather's truck and drive, excited and oblivious, to Home Depot.

We walk immediately over to the lumber section to pick out some plywood. This is about how our first conversation went:

Useless Home Depot Employee #1:Hello, do you all need help with anything today?

D.Soup: Yes actually, we need to buy some plywood for under our bed.

#1: Great! It's all right over here...

(As you can see it started well...)

D.S: So we are going to need two pieces, our bed is 61x80.

#1:What? That's not going to work.... *confused stare*

D.S: Yeah, one piece won't be enough....

#1:No, that won't work... You're going to need two pieces

Mz.Soup:*blank stare*

He then proceeds to show us this super thick plywood that, while sturdy, is probably more than we need for the bed. But he insists this will be our best option, and that there's some "damaged pieces" that he could "get us a good deal from his manager".

Looking back now it felt like a drug deal. I couldn't think of something like that during though, my vision was already steadily clouding over in red.

He walks away from us to call his manager, and consequentially begins helping other customers. He helps 2 people while we are standing there. We decide to walk over and look at the lawn mowers because D.Soup is interested in one.

We head back over 10 minutes later to tell him that we aren't worried about the cost and to just cut the plywood for us, only to find him helping not only the same guy he was with when we left, but with 2 other people waiting for him.

Useless Home Depot Employee #2 was standing right next to #1 listening to the conversation, not bothering to help anyone else. Awesome.

So we finally get back to the front of the line. And tell him not to worry about the cost, just cut the plywood.

Uhhh, I can't cut it here, someone broke my saw...

Is that the only saw that can cut plywood?


Again I say, awesome.

We give up on the plywood for the moment, and walk over to the door section. We had a basic idea of what we wanted walking into the store. So of course that means we spent the next HOUR running through the option selection with Less Useless Home Depot Employee #3. He at least knew his stuff, he just worked so slow.

Finally, door ordered, we tiredly head back to the wood section. D.Soup informs me that "If that annoying guy is still over there we aren't getting plywood tonight.". Can't argue with that, I wanted to punch him within 2 minutes off meeting him.

Luckily a non-useless employee (the only one we encountered) confirmed our suspicion that we didn't need the super thick plywood, and that the thinner plywood that is HALF THE PRICE of the other stuff will work just fine for what we need. Thank you, Greg. Where were you earlier?

I made a complete fool out of myself as I 'helped' D.Soup move the plywood to our cart. I might have whined a little. Pouted. But I soldiered through. We needed to get out of this store and I was NOT willing to wait for someone to help.

So, all necessary items in hand (well, cart) we start making our way to the register.

When you see someone rolling a giant cart through a store, without much visibility, do you move to the side and let them through? I do. Apparently not everyone does... Useless Home Depot Customer #1 decided he needed to walk down the wide open aisle towards us, nice and slow, like he didn't see the cart with the 8 foot long pieces of plywood on it come around the corner towards him.


I tried to stare him down. Death stare offended face style. And ran into a sign. So the moment was kind of ruined. But I'm still bitter.

I pay for our stuff as D.Soup runs out to get the car. We are free and clear.

Not quite.

Useless Home Depot Employee #4 comes up to me in the parking lot to ask if we needed help loading our stuff.

"That would be wonderful." I say. It was not wonderful.

He was about 5'4", 130 lbs. Why would they put him in the loading area? Poor planning, Home Depot. How do you look at that guy and say "I know the perfect position for you.". Shame on you.

He tried to pick up 2 pieces of plywood the first round. Struggled, but managed. Until he got to the truck. Then he backed himself up between the truck bed and the plywood. Then he dropped his end in an effort to move out of the way. My attempt to help was foiled by the wind trying to drive the cart into the side of the truck.

Mz.Soup makes a fool out of herself part 2: "Eeeeeeeeeeekkkkk, the cart!" as I'm running to catch it.

Slowly but surely #4 and D.Soup get the other pieces of plywood into the truck. Freedom!

All that terribleness is behind us and we can just go home now and make dinner and watch Caps hockey. Right?


Dinner prep was going well, until I finished grating the zucchini.

I should probably tell you that grating the zucchini was step 1. Sigh.

I took the pieces of the zucchini I had cut off and tossed them down the drain to feed to my garbage disposal. Turned on the hot water. Flip the switch.

GRRRRJVDIWONKDNNVJFrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr click

That's what I heard.

Uhh, I think I broke the garbage disposal...


Come to find out, a rogue measuring spoon that I thought I had successfully looked for remained hidden from me within the disposal. And me flipping the switch caught it. And slammed it into the side of the already old disposal. And busted a giant hole through the wall. And shot water and food particles all over the inside of the cabinet under our sink.

Way to go me.

D.Soup is an angel, he sat down there and cleaned up my mess while I continued on with dinner prep. He even held off the mockery, for the most part.

I asked him in terror if this meant we had to go back to the hardware store tonight.

No,you just cant really use the sink.

I can be okay with that.

Not two minutes later, while he was finishing up his cleanup... While cutting up some onion.... I sliced into my finger.

Really, this day cannot get any better.

Let me help you

NO, I'm going to finish this on a matter of principle...and then I'm going to go somewhere and cry.

...Luckily I completed both at the same time... Cutting up onion has that kind of perk...

And now, finally we are going to bed. The night is looking up, the Caps won and dinner was delicious.

At least everything isn't in a shambles.

Here's to tomorrow.

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