Thursday, May 19, 2011

That Face

Like I said yesterday, I never really have time to sit down at my computer and actually DO THINGS. So yesterday I made a point to get some stuff done. I uploaded a bunch of pictures from the last month or so... So here's Calli at the end of March:

Hanging out on the back of the couch.

pew pew pew

She destroyed that toy in about 30 seconds, and she still loves it.

My mom still has my nice camera, so I think most of these were taken on the other one. Ugh. We gave her some money towards a camera for Mother's Day. Get on it, Mom.

Here's two of my favorite pictures from her first trip to Ocean City. Next weekend I'll be taking pictures of her first encounter with the ocean. Those should be awesome.

Caught her at the end of a bark, but she looks so serious


Here's some pictures of Calli yesterday:

These were taken outside, with the good camera. So the quality is much better. Except the last one, that damn cloud came out of nowhere. She likes to be at my moms, because she's allowed to run around free (when we are there, mom doesn't trust her). At our house right now she has to be on a leash outside at all times because our yard is too small, not fenced and too close to a trafficky road. Sad.

And, because I feel like a bad mommy. Here's pictures of my boys:

My little tiny baby, Leonidas:
Gigantor, aka Atticus:

I love them all

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