Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Matchy Matchy

We went to a wedding on Sunday. It was very pretty, and we had a blast.

Well, I had a blast. D.Soup sat around and watched me act like a fool. He was not enthused.

It might have had something to do with the fact that he really didn't know anyone, as it was MY coworker's wedding.

Anywho, I'm killing two birds with one stone here. New pictures of my hair (sort of... it's up) and pictures of D.Soup and I.
The usual: Me dancing with no shoes on.
The entire time I kept saying "why are you so TALL!?"

The Soup Family.

Mr. D.Soup looking dapper.


Please note: I do not condone the fish face. Somehow I can't stop myself from making it. As you can see, it's really not a good look. But I wanted you to see us in all our matching glory.

It's moments like this that I pat myself on the back for buying D.Soup all those different colored button up shirts years ago when I was tired of him wearing blue all the time.

I do think he was mildly embarrassed with how many comments on how "cute" we looked and all the multiple "look at how perfectly matched you guys are" we got.

I loved every second of it.


  1. Why are your first two pictures broken?

  2. I don't know, let me see if I can fix them.

  3. They are fixed! You looked beautiful! And you have quite a handsome husband. I love the matching. You both look so cute together. =)

  4. You got to wear your dress!!! YAYYY!!! You two did look super cute. Bravo Ashley :-)