Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sad Panda

It's been an average week.

So average that I haven't had anything really interesting to write about (not that my previous posts have been interesting, but whatever....), so I just haven't been writing.

Things that have happened this week:
1. Calli had her surgery
2. We changed out the slats for the new plywood under the bed
3. I made some cool shirts and put them on Etsy
4. D.Soup's birthday was yesterday
5. ........................

Seriously, half the days I couldn't tell you WHAT happened.

I could have written about numbers 2 and 3, but that would require me uploading pictures. And I'm lazy. There will be posts about both. Sometime. In the future.

I have a few things, mostly Calli related, that I've been saving up. I'll go ahead and combine them into one post.

Like this:This is Calli post surgery. She did great, and everything went fine. But as soon as she woke up she started licking her belly and where her dewclaw (read: freak toe) used to be. So they slapped the cone on her.

The photo was taken in the car on the way home. The ladies at the vet's office said as soon as they put the cone on her she completely forgot that she could walk. And stood, feet planted awkwardly and braced as if the world was ending, staring at the floor.

WHAT IS HAPPENING?! What have I done to deserve this?? And where did my legs go?!

She assumes this exact position every time it goes back on too. Once she remembers her motor functions, she runs into everything like she had absolutely no knowledge of them existing pre-cone. WHAT IS THIS?! There was no DOOR there 10 minutes ago! She also holds her head so low that the cone gets stuck on anything that's on the floor. Getting her in the crate is impossible. Putting the cone on when she's in the crate is even more impossible. Bedtime has been interesting for the past week.

Last night was the first time we decided we should test run sleeping without the cone. She was fine until about 4:30 this morning, and then D.Soup wakes me up...

I think Calli is licking her belly.

Now mind you, I'm half asleep and it's PITCH BLACK in our bedroom. So I really can't see her to verify what exactly she is licking. But I can hear the distinct *slurp slurp slurp* of her licking something. I can also just make out her silhouette, and it looks like she might be curled in a way that she could, possibly, be licking her belly.

But at this point I could be looking at her ass and thinking its her face so obviously we can't expect my idea about her position to be anywhere near accurate.

So I did what any normal, half asleep, person would do... I banged on the crate, told her to knock it off, and threatened her with the cone. I had no intentions of actually getting up and putting the cone on her, but the threat worked for about 2 seconds.

*knock knock knock* Calli, cut it out.

Mom? You're awake now. Okay awesome, let me out. (Which actually came out as her breathing very close to my face, and her tail banging against the crate)

No. Calli really, stop. Go back to sleep.


Then she started licking or chewing on the crate bars.. *slurp slurp slurp* *scregy scregy*, THEN she found her squeaky dragon toy. Which sounds similar to a surprised duck *schrrEEEEEeeee*. And for a minute I actually had serious thoughts of getting up and going through with my threat about the cone. I don't cope well with being awake when I don't want to be.

But then I passed back out, and I'm assuming she did too.

I think, overall, we were victorious in the non-cone bedtime, minus the morning snafu. I'm not sure how long she's not allowed to lick herself. I've caught her a few times and stopped her... but her belly is looking better so I think she should be alright.



D.Soup played golf over the weekend. Sunday, I think.
(like I said before... can't.remember.what.happened)


While he was gone, Calli and I went over to my parents house. My mom hijacked my good camera, and any time I need to take decent pictures of what I've made I have to go over there. She also had buttons and things of that nature that I wanted to add to some of the shirts I'd made.

So while I was there it started raining. Of course, Calli wanted to go out like 49,080,654,380 times. So she was in her crate quite a bit -- Grammy's not down for a giant wet puppy running around her house and getting on her furniture. The point is, she had a bunch of pent up energy by the time we were ready to go home.

Since my mom lives really far back from the road, I'm comfortable taking Calli out sometimes without a leash. And most of the time she's really good about staying with me. MOST of the time.

This time it went a little like this:

Come on Calli, let's get in the car...

...............Wait, what's that?

At this point she would get distracted by something on the ground. Probably grass. Because it's not like everywhere she was running had grass or anything. I would start walking towards her. And she wouldn't notice me. And I would get excited because I was going to catch her. And I would get 3 steps from her. And see her eyes twitch towards me just a little. I'd been caught... Then she would take off running all over again.

Did I mention it was raining?

Finally, after 10 minutes of "I'm not going to chase you around," I finally caught her. And we were both drenched.

We got in the car and started to make our way home. I got out of the driveway and halfway down the street before I realized that my cellphone was missing. So we bust a U, and head back towards moms. As I'm walking up the sidewalk, I glance over. There, in the grass, where I had latched on to my psychopathic dog, was my cell phone.

The worst part is I couldn't even be mad at her.
She was having such a fantastic time.

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