Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I can't make this stuff up

I had big plans on Monday: Get back on schedule, make dinners, exercise.

All of that has gone to hell in 3 days.

D.Soup's favorite pair of pants had a hole in a very inconvenient place. AKA his crotch. And he's been begging me for weeks to fix it so he can wear them again. So I finally took a few minutes and patched it up with the sewing machine at my mom's house.

Afterwards, we didn't have enough time to cook dinner and make it to the gym before my 8 pm cutoff, so we stopped at Burger King (fail #1). It was delicious. It was also 30 points.

It was decided that D.Soup was going to the gym, and I would take Calli for a walk and do my run when he got home, because I did not want to have to deal with her while I was on the treadmill alone. I also did not want to be alone for the first introduction between Calli and the treadmill. I feel that would be traumatic for all parties involved.

Calli and I went for our walk. And during this time I remember that I offered to go with my mom to the airport to collect my sister and her family. Which meant that my treadmill time was conflicting with my "helpful sister" time (fail #2). So I make the choice to find something OnDemand once I get home.

YOGA. Yoga is what I choose. Which is fine... it was actually a really good workout.

But my dog. My GIRL dog. Took the "downward dog" position way to literally for my liking and humped me every time I had to go into that pose. It was overwhelming, and disturbing.

AND THEN, 5 minutes left in my workout. And someone knocks on the door of my house. I thought for a minute maybe D.Soup forgot his key. If only I was that lucky.

I open the door to find his little sister, in tears. Now, I've had issues with this girl in the past. So of course I had to work three times harder than normal not to roll my eyes at her through the storm door... I'm just going to sum up her drama of the moment:
  1. Her dad is "an ass" and tells her she's useless
  2. Her mom doesn't defend her against him
  3. Her "friend" is a bitch
  4. The boy she likes isn't speaking to her (because she yelled at him)
She's 19. THESE are normal issues a 19 year old has to face.

Long story short: I told her to suck it up and stop being mean to everyone.

She then proceeded to sit around and talk and wait for D.Soup to get home. ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS FINISH MY YOGA. Dammit.

I started the day off in pain. It was good pain. It was 25 minutes of YOGA pain. So I was cool with it. Does that mean I didn't complain all day? Hell no, I whined like a little girl...

On the way to work I realized I didn't pack a breakfast bar. Eff. So I get a bagel with butter from downstairs. Come back up, eat it.. THEN put it in the points calculator: 13 points. THIRTEEN POINTS. That's HALF of my daily points value. DOUBLE Eff.

By the time I ate lunch I had 3 points left for the afternoon.

My pregnant sister was feeling lazy yesterday afternoon. And since she works in the same building with my husband, she asked him to drive her to her car. Well at 4 pm they get ready to go, and't.start.



So my sister walks to her car, drives over to my building, picks me up. So we can see if it's just D.Soups key fob. Its not.

So I reschedule our dentist appointments for the second time. We ride with my sister to meet my mother. They exchange cars (and babies) and my sister leaves. Mom drives D.Soup and I to her house, we drop her off. We drive her car BACK to our broken car and try to jump it. Fail. We call a tow truck. They say they'll be there within the hour. It's 6 pm already. FML.

So we get Subway. Another 20 point meal. It's alright because my Fake Watchers points were already fucked for the day... so I don't care.

Then we sit and wait for the tow. 7 pm rolls around and he's nowhere to be found. 7:20... nothing. I believe he finally showed up at 7:30. And the Would Not Shut Up the entire time we were with him. LUCKILY, I sat in the car and left D.Soup to deal with him. Because I would have punched him.

We finally got to pick Calli up from my parents house at 9:30. And went home and climbed straight into bed.

Hopefully today will go more smoothly.

So far so good.

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  1. I guess this is where Shamble Campbell comes into play?! Things will be okay. I'm planning on running every day next week while I am on vacation... in the mountains... with lots of hills... and I haven't done a thing in the last two months probably. I might not make it back alive. Just in case I don't. I love you friend. =)