Monday, June 27, 2011

Serious Business Time

Alright, well as much as it hurts me to admit this... I've pretty much gained all the weight back that I lost in April/May. An entire 8 pounds... I knew it was going to happen with all the time I took off. But it didn't stop me from almost losing it last night when I stepped on the scale. It was probably stupid of me to do it after a day of eating, but it sent an important message home...

Well today that ends.

I was doing so freaking good. Damn it, there were actual results and I still just gave up. I'm really irritated at myself. I NEED to lose this weight, it's to the point of ridiculousness now. It's got to go.

Today I'm starting up C25K again. And I'm going to run every other day until I'm done. And maybe I'll keep running after that.

We're also getting back on the wagon with healthy cooking today. We didn't have any groceries, and so abandoned all hope of making good-for-us food. But we fixed that this weekend, so we have food to make and good things to eat. Finally.

  • Back on with Fake Watchers.
  • Back on with Tracking my weight daily.
  • Back on with Making dinner every night and taking leftovers for lunches.
  • Back on with C25K and other forms of exercise.

I feel like I need to do this, not just for the weight loss... but for myself. I always get motivated to do it, and never follow all the way through.

I will do it this time.

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