Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life is never boring when you have pets.

Right now, at this very moment... I am eating carrots with light ranch dressing. Now this is usually a normal every day occurrence for me.

Today, in my head, every time I pick up a carrot and dip it in the ranch I hear:

I can't stop it.

Luckily I'm not saying it out loud.

I feel like I'm running my own personal ICanHasCheezburger reel in my head.

Okay, those are done, so hopefully we can all move away from that experience.


Last night was mildly traumatic for all of us in the Soup household.

Massive thunder accompanied the not so massive storms that we had on an off all day yesterday. So massive that at one point I felt the 7 story building that I work in shaking.

I work on the 2nd floor.

Since this is the first real storm that we've had since last spring, D.Soup and I conveniently forgot the terror that envelopes our older cat, Atti, when there is a thunderstorm.

I wish I had the forethought to photograph him during his 15 minutes of panic after the one (and only) giant clap of thunder that mini storm. Instead I comforted him, which I feel was a better choice...

But they would have been some awesome pictures.

I will have to settle for showing you a picture of what he LOOKED like:
Now, imagine those eyes. At that height. Walking around the house staring at the ceiling like it was going to collapse. And then you probably have a decent image of Atticus in your head. I'm not exactly sure how he manages to pull his normally long legs up into his body so that they are nonexistent.

It's quite impressive.

I'm also not exactly sure why he thinks lowering his center of balance is going to help him in situations like this. It happens quite frequently: upon entering a room after it has been vacuumed, investigating an unfamiliar addition to the floor, returning after a hasty retreat from a non-thunder noise (really any noise).

My other animals were blissfully unaware of the thunder, or the trauma that Atti was experiencing. In fact, at one point when he was finally settling down (read: hiding under my legs) Calli decided it was the perfect time to see if he had FINALLY accepted her as a member of the house (answer: NO). Luckily I stopped her before she could pounce on him and all our previous comforting was not for loss.

Leo is always blissfully unaware of everything.

Well, except Calli... he's ALWAYS aware of her.

We are trying to keep Calli away from eating people food, because I don't want to deal with her begging constantly while we're in the kitchen or eating.

So far so good... other than the dishwasher.

She has been extremely interested in the dishwasher every time it is open. I think mostly because it's at her level and it smells interesting.

I chase her off every time she gets too close to it for my comfort. But D.Soup was unloading it last night while I was comforting Atti and wasn't paying as much attention to her as I usually do.

If he was, he would have noticed her inching up to it, he would have also noticed her starting to climb in it...

What he did notice. Well, what everyone noticed was her running frantically away from it going "YIPE YIPE YIPE YIPE YIPE" with the bottom drawer of the dishwasher following closely behind her for a few seconds.

Here's what I think happened: When she climbed into the dishwasher, she stepped in between the wires of the drawer, and her paw got caught. She immediately noticed this and tried to pull it out. Which caused the drawer to start moving. Which completely and utterly terrified her and she ran. Which triggered the attack of the dishwasher monster (nickname created by me). Which then brought us full circle back to the frantic running and YIPEing.

Of course, all of this sent both cats into a panic. Leo booked it up the stairs, and Atti returned to his previous occupation of wandering around the first floor as a shortened version of himself with a permanent "WTF" look on his face.

Well, when Calli got as far away from the dishwasher monster as she possibly could, she turned around and growled at it in a "Yeah, I showed you." manner. To prove that she, in fact, was not the giant pansy that we all think she is.

Of course, none of us believed her.

Especially considering she walked around with her tail in between her legs for 15 minutes, and would not re-enter the kitchen for 30 minutes. When she finally did, she donned a stance very similar to Atti's.

Thankfully, all was resolved when we loaded her up and into the car and made our merry way to the vet's office. Calli finally has all her puppy shots, and she's been scheduled to have her surgery next week.

The rest of the evening went more smoothly.

No thunder.

No dishwasher monster.


Moral of the story:
Beware of the dishwasher monster.
(aka Listen to your Mother)
And loud noises in general.

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