Friday, April 1, 2011

Everybody's workin' for the Weekend!

I'm going to the beach this weekend. I want it to look like this:

But I know it's not going to. A girl can dream... and wait a few more months I guess.

The weather channel is providing this as the forecast for the weekend:

I think it's going to be a jeans and sweatshirt weather allll weekend. Which, honestly, is alright with me.

I'm just excited to be going down for the weekend. Hanging out with friends. And getting Calli (my dog) acclimated to the long distance ride and the house itself.

We didn't get much of our packing done last night. So we had to do it this morning, in a half sleep haze while getting ready for work. This obviously resulted in us forgetting pretty much everything that wasn't completely necessary - video games, board games... So I asked my husband if we could leave a little bit early and go get them. NO. He, apparently, is not in the same mindset as I am, where being stuck inside at the beach house with very little entertainment will most likely end up being problematic.

My friend and I are now devising a scheme where we can magically NEED to stop on the way down. "OH LOOK, WALMART..... How did we end up in the game section?" Here's a board game that we can play for HOURS, this will totally make up for not packing all that stuff this morning. Too bad we couldn't just stop at the house really quick.

The moral of this story is:
I'm excited for this weekend.

UPDATE: Crisis averted. I talked him into going home... So we didn't have to use our scheme at all. The weekend was awesome :)

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