Friday, April 15, 2011

Walk Like an Egyptian

D.Soup is going to game two of the Capitals playoffs tonight... That's hockey playoffs, if anyone -miraculously- ends up reading this who is not our friend and doesn't know our love of the sport. I often ask him why he doesn't take ME to the games that he ends up going to... and he never really gives me an answer (hurumph)... Lucky for HIM, these tickets were some that someone ELSE had, and invited HIM...

What this means though, is I have some time to myself. This also means I'm going to try to avoid having a panic attack every time I hear a noise in my house until he gets home...

I'm going to give the freezer paper stencils a try tonight. I picked out my first visual... Three ballerina images across the bottom side and front, with pointe shoes hanging down the back. I'm not describing it very well, but I have a good picture of it in my head. I pulled these images from the interwebs:
I was a ballerina for almost 15 years, so pictures like this always make me happy. I actually had a really hard time picking out just a few... but since the first three images all look at least similar I figured they would make for a good combination. I thought it would be a good first attempt.

I'm pretty excited to see how it actually works out. I drew the stencils last night, but forgot to take a picture of them when they were finished. I have to stop at the store today and pick up an Xacto knife.

In other news, went back the the doctor yesterday... and gave more blood. Ugh. Apparently the blood tests came back with information that needed retesting. The other test I had on Monday came back normal. Double Ugh.

The doctor said that I might, MIGHT have hypothyroidism. Which was on my list of options from before... but they like to retest to be sure, because sometimes it comes back "off" one time and then the next time comes back normal. So if this next test comes back low, then she's going to put me on a low dose thyroid and see if it levels me back out again. The test they did was called TSH, and shows how much thyroid stimulating hormone is in my blood. She said the normal amount for TSH is anywhere between 0.4 and 4. Mine was 5.6, since it's high that means I might have an under-active thyroid. She said it isn't terribly high, so she's not sure if it would be causing me to be this tired... but we'll see. Considering I have more than half of the other symptoms, I'm just going to stick with the idea that is actually what's wrong with me. We shall see.

Hopefully that wasn't terribly confusing. Apparently I looked COMPLETELY confused yesterday when the doctor was trying to explain everything to me. She asked me about 15 times if I understood what she was saying.


Are you sure you followed all of that?

Yes, YES I understand. I read all about this a week ago when I was deciding to make this appointment.

*uncertain look*


...I almost wish that I could have seen my face, because apparently - to her - it was the epitome of "durrrrrrrrr"... I'm imagining it to look sort of like this...
I think that might be my listening face... which means I look confused almost half of the day. Awesome.

The title of this post has nothing to do with anything inside it.
And I'm done.

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