Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More of the Same

Here we are, another day, and I again have nothing really exciting to write about...

I need to come up with some really good stuff to talk about. I'm just not creative at the moment.

Calli has a vet appointment today. She gets her last shots, and then she'll be allowed to start puppy training school. She can also be scheduled for her surgery. She has an umbilical hernia, and usually they get removed when they are spayed, but the rescue we got her from didn't have it done when they sent her to the vet to get neutered. I've been anxiously waiting to be able to schedule it, because I'm nervous she's going to do something and hurt it. So I'm pretty excited for both of those things to happen. We've been working with her at home for some things, and she's gotten really good at "come", "stay" and "sit"... most of the time, and sometimes lay down but . So hopefully she'll do well in puppy school.

I'm anxiously awaiting the results from my second blood test. I have a feeling its going to come back the same as the other, because I'm still tired all the time. I didn't get to take a nap yesterday, and I walked around the grocery store like a zombie. I also couldn't find my keys, which were in my purse the whole time. Then I went home and made dinner, and told D.Soup (who had just finished playing an entire game of soccer - 1.5 hours ish... without a sub) that I was "hurting" because I hadn't got a nap in.

He laughed at me.

Good news though, we made a bunch of awesome food this weekend: Chicken Enchiladas, Taco Dip, Chicken Parmesan. Now I don't know if I used too much of something, but if you are not so much a heat fan, be careful with the Chicken Enchiladas... they were very spicy.

My friend at work introduced me to the Glee station on AOL Radio.... I have been listening to it for 3 weeks straight now. I am a giant Gleek, have been since the show started. I've been dying for it to start back up again. The fact that Glee Radio started playing the songs from the new episode makes me so unbelievably excited that said new episode airs TONIGHT!

All I can say is: It's about time.

I need a profile picture.


  1. Gahhh! I am so excited for Glee tonight!!!

  2. Well at least you WALKED around the grocery store...............ugh. My life!!