Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My tummy is growling.

So my friends at work introduced me to

It is an awesome blog full of delicious looking recipes. My husband and I are going to try some of them, so I am currently scrolling through copying all the recipes that look interesting so that we can compile a grocery list.

It's making me SO HUNGRY. Almost every entry has something delicious looking.

I want to stick some of the pictures from her blog here, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to stop at just one or two. Just go look for yourself! I've been drooling over here for 2 hours now.

Okay, just one sneak peak:

I'm gonna go gnaw on my arm or something now, since I'm here for 3 more hours and only have 1 snack left.

I'm so hungry.

1 comment:

  1. Ugh. Really?
    Just damn you. Cause now I can't stop scrolling through this, just like I couldn't stop scrolling through the damn baby blog!!!