Friday, April 8, 2011


I was going to write this big long post of random junk this morning. And I was very excited about it. But then I had a meeting at 10, and then stuff to do out of that meeting (boo!). So I got distracted and never got to start...

Let's see if I can remember everything.

Numero Uno:
I went to the doctor yesterday. They took SIX VIALS of my blood. It's the first time I ever thought I was going to pass out while having blood drawn. The girl did an awesome job thought, and she was very worried about me the whole time (I get panicky around needles). I don't even have a bruise! That's unheard of for me!

So basically the doctor had about 1,290,584,376,904,819,327 things that could possibly be wrong with me, since now I have two problems - the exhaustion (mentioned before) and a new pain that started on Wednesday in my lower right abdomen. My body is falling apart for some reason, awesome.

Some of the things that I had already discovered MIGHT be the cause were on the list of things for the lab to check in my blood, so that was kind of neat. I also have to go today to get an ultrasound for them to check my (overshare) ovaries for cysts. I haven't been allowed to eat anything since 10:30 am... luckily I'm not starving today.

Numero Dos:
The government is still working on their decision-making. If they don't figure something out today/this weekend, I won't be working on Monday. I'm torn between being fairly stoked about this, to being nervous. I would really love a few days off to get my house back in order and to KNIT and to just generally get my life back together. But at the same time I don't want to not work. I also don't want to get excited about having some time off and then wake up Monday and have to come in... that would make me sad.

Numero Tres:
I'm thinking about making these this weekend, they look so delicious:

Numero Quatro:
Reading through other peoples blogs makes me want to be a more crafty person. I think I am going to go out this weekend and buy this book SouleMama:

Numero Cinco:
I also want to give freezer paper stencils a try and make some t-shirts. Maybe I can post a few of them on my Etsy site if they come out cute. That would be an awesome summer addition to the knitting stuff. I've been trying to think of something to make for the summer. I'm kind of excited.

But.. look at how cool this is! I really want to try it.

I need more time to be crafty.
And a bigger house to store my crafts.


  1. My future place will include an art room. I think yours should too. =)

  2. Oh it totally will... And a library with a wingback chair