Thursday, August 28, 2014

Where Mz.Soup gets to make (most of) Dinner

I don't get to make dinner often anymore.  A baby with hunger cries you could set a watch to and a toddler that wants to "help" me do everything puts a damper on that whole leisurely making dinner thing.  Even if I start making dinner I usually have to pass the torch over to D.Soup in the middle so I can give my attention somewhere else.  

We had some chicken in the refrigerator, and I had some fresh tomatoes and green beans from Pappy's garden.  So I headed to Skinnytaste for some recommendations and ended up landing on these two recipes:

Both recipes only took about 15 minutes each once the vegetables were prepped.  It was a perfect quick meal that allowed D.Soup to grill the chicken and me to deal with the vegetable portion while passing R.Soup back and forth.  Luckily, L.Soup didn't take a nap yesterday so she had passed out in the car on the way home.  She slept on the couch through the entire dinner making process.

Not so luckily, she was not very friendly for the rest of the evening.  
On fancy dinnerware.
L.Soup attitude issues aside.  This was by far one of the best dinners we have had in a long time.  Definitely both options will be added into our dinner menu mix frequently from here on out.

Why do kids fight napping so much?
I would nap every day if someone let me.
And I wouldn't get fired.

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