Friday, August 15, 2014

L.Soup's New Room

When I disappeared, I was in the middle of clearing out the new space for L.Soup's room.  So I'm going to try to pick up from there.  Months of time have passed and I now have double mommy brain, so bear with me.

What had become a disastrous mess in that room ended up being an even more disastrous mess in the new computer room (a completely different conversation).  I finally got enough maternal nesting into my system that I got myself in gear and motivated.  We moved the rest of the stuff out of L.Soup's future room.  But the only place (other than the trash) for it to go was into the new computer room.  At this point I didn't care, it was time to move.

Months ago, during a trip to the fabric store, I found this cute white curtain fabric with blue, pink and green circles all over it.  It became the center piece for all decisions made about the bedroom.  Interestingly enough, the curtains have not yet made their debut in L.Soups room yet.  I'm working on it.

<picture of fabric>

Once we had pulled every last piece of mess out, we made a trip to Home Depot for paint and supplies.  All the walls in our house were a bone color when we moved in.  Considering I was putting white furniture into the room, I didn't want the walls to look dirty.  So the walls and ceiling in L.Soup's room got a fresh coat of white satin paint (for easy dirty removal, which has come in handy more than once).  I had D.Soup help me with the ceiling, but I did most of the walls.  We left the trim alone because it actually didn't look bad once the white paint was up (its also a bone color).

I then took pink, green and blue paint and painted three different size circles onto the wall.

<color names?>

I snagged my old dresser from the basement at my parent's house...
D.Soup doing some sanding
(One of the feet on the dresser had been severely damaged over time, so we took some wood filler and basically created a new leg for it.  I wish I would have taken pictures of it in progress, but I guess I forgot.  Pregnancy brain.)
Gnarly foot from water damage

...and spent some time painting that white with pink, green, and blue dresser drawers.  I also covered the top of the dresser with some wallpaper that matched the color theme as well.  I have the mirror that goes with this dresser as well.  But I figured L.Soup doesn't really need it just yet, so I can hold off on that for a little while.
White drawers before taping and painting the colors
New hardware from Home Depot
Disney Kids Paisley Stripe Wallpaper

We also picked up this ClosetMaid Cubeical from Target, along with some color matching storage bins for books and trinkets. Her shoes go in one bin, bathing suits in another.  At the moment most of the bins are empty, but that's a good thing.

Once all the painting was finished, we headed out and got L.Soup her very own BIG GIRL BED!  Her twin size mattress is currently sitting on the floor, which is probably for the best because she continues to fall out of it on a regular basis.  We made a point to pick out some fun sheets for her, to help convince her that the big girl bed was the place to be.  It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be to transition her to the new room.
Ladybug sheets! (from Target)

There's still a few things that need to be done before I'm calling the room complete, but it's working out well for her right now, so I have time to work on the other things.  First, and most importantly, finish the ceiling fan.  We got it 95% of the way up, and the electrical box started wiggling around, so now D.Soup has to climb up in the attic to fit that back against the beam.  I was also trying to paint the blades to match the room, and I messed them up, so I have to fix them before they can go up.  Secondly, hang some paper lanterns above the bed.  Third, the curtains.  They should be easy, I just have to find some one on one time with the sewing machine.

She loves her room, and that makes me happy.

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