Thursday, August 14, 2014


So this post is from 6 months ago. There is too much that has happened between now and then, so I'm just going to post it as is...........


I've spent the last few weeks slowly getting everything situated in my new craft room.  I miraculously "finished" sorting and boxing up all the millions of baby clothes that had littered the floor in that room for months.  Then I promptly found MORE clothes that needed a home. 


It never ends.  Those clothes are currently stacked on top of the mountain of boxes, because there is no more space for them in said boxes.  Of course.

Once that was done, I had a whole new world of space open to me.  I have a few of these tables hanging out in my garage, for parties and whatnot.  I figured I could just use two of them and make a nice long wall of just table space.  Previously, I had everything in my craft room set up on one of them, and the Silhouette and sewing machine had to share space.  It was not really working for me.  Especially considering I don't clean up ever the other things that have taken up space on the table over the last few months.

I had D.Soup lug one of the extra tables upstairs and we set it up.  Then we decided to measure to see if two would fit.  The wall is just over 11.5 feet long, the tables we had were 6 feet each.  So putting two in that space was not an option.  The next idea we had was to buy one 5 foot table.  But the width of the tables is different, so that would have driven me insane.

So I bought two 5 foot tables at Sam's Club (because they had them for the cheapest price).  Now I have separate areas for my sewing machine, and my Silhouette.  And I have a the perfect size gap between the tables and the wall for a tall storage cabinet!  I'm so excited!  We've got the plans all set out for how it's going to get built, just need to find the time.  Considering we still haven't finished the other nightstand, we'll see when it actually happens.

The plan is to build the cabinet with enough storage spaces for each color family of paper to have its own space.  I'll also have a bunch of extra space underneath for anything else I want to put down there!  Compared to where my paper has been stored in the past (all over the floor), it's going to be AMAZING!

I also cleared out the closet in that room in preparation for all my fabric.  The goal is to put a shelf in there and have the fabric stored neatly on the shelf.  Again, compared to where it was before (all over the floor... are we seeing a pattern here?) its going to be like heaven.

But, more importantly.  The goal here is to get everything cleared out of what is to be L.Soup's new room.  Progress is slow, but its happening!  All of my big craft stuff has been transferred, next up is the actual office supplies.  During this migration, we are downsizing.  We hardly used the computers that we had set up in the old craft/computer room.  One of the two has been moved to the new craft room, because I use it for my crafting.  The other one is most likely headed for the basement.  D. Soup sometimes does crazy workout video things, and could use it for those.

This also means that the actual computer desk is no longer necessary.  We're probably never going to need it again, so we'll pack it up and save it for whenever we decide to yard sale.  Or something.  After that is gone, its really just finding new homes for all the small stuff in my new craft room.  Simple.  Yeah.  Right?

Well, we're going to take our time, and slowly shuffle through the mess.  But I feel like we're on the right track for moving L.Soup.  I have the plan for her bedroom in my head, and I can't wait to start working on it.  I have so many things that I need to get together for her space.

I feel a little in between a rock and a hard place in this moment.  I want to get L.Soup's room finished before the baby gets here.  But I need to get the craft room organized in order to get things ready for L.Soup's room. Not that my old craft room was organized in any way.  I think it's just that now I know what I want, but I have to choose one room over the other.

Of course I'm going to choose L.Soup's room.

But the picture of my craft room in my head is soooo beautiful.

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