Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our little garden

A while ago I noted that D.Soup built a planter box in the back yard.  I filled it up very soon after it was built, and we are finally seeing some spoils from all the hard work letting it sit there and have the rain/sprinklers water it.  I collected 4 cherry tomatoes this morning, and there are 3 cucumbers that are steadily growing, one is almost ready for picking!

I took some time yesterday to stake up the tomato plants, and the pepper plants.  They all had been laying down a little, and I wanted to get them up so that they could get light.  I had been meaning to do it for a while, and avoiding it because we have about a billion mosquitoes in our yard and they must be starving because they are on me in an instant when I walk out the door.  But I finally sucked it up and took the time to work on it yesterday.

It was probably the worst time for me to decide to get something outside accomplished.  Considering it's 95 degrees here all this week, with a heat index up to 105.  Ugh.  I was sweating just standing there.  Not.even.moving.  It was awful.  Then I started doing actual work, and it was worse.  I was only out there for maybe 30 minutes and I was drenched.  Yuck.

I never really covered the build process for the planter box, mostly because I didn't help with the build.  You can find the plans on

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