Thursday, July 25, 2013

Too much to do.

Its been a few days since I've been here.  I've been so busy trying to get life back in order and get back to a healthy diet that I have gotten absolutely nothing done in the crafty part of my life.  Which makes me sad.

My sister dropped off a million bags of baby clothes for me about 2 weeks ago.  She's not having any more babies and she gave me everything that her kids have grown out of.  So we lugged about 10 bags and 4 large Rubbermaid containers into the house and sat the in front of the wall I'm trying to finish painting in the foyer.  So I didn't get a chance to work on that over the weekend because that would have involved actually moving all that stuff out of the way.  Slowly over the last few days we have been carrying it upstairs so that its out of the way.  My plan is to go through all of it, put it into Rubbermaid containers based on size and store it in the attic.  First I have to get a bunch of containers, oh, and find time.  Ha.

I have a new project in mind.  But I need to collect all the pieces that I need to make my own canvas.  For this project I need a 4 foot x 5 foot canvas, and those suckers are like $100.  No thank you! 

Today we go back to the vet to get Calli's staples removed.  I can't believe its already been two weeks.  10 more to go.  I think she's progressing really well, we shall see what the vet thinks.

We are also getting a gate for the main level of the house today.  That way we don't have to chase L.Soup to the stairs every 5 minutes.  She loves to climb them, look out the window, sit on them.  Really they are her favorite place to be right now.  She is NOT going to be happy with us when that gate goes up.

Tomorrow we are going out on a friends boat!  My parents are kind enough to watch L.Soup during the day tomorrow AND keep her tomorrow night.  Including driving her home and putting her to bed in her own crib, because she refuses to sleep anywhere else.  I'm really excited because its been a few years since I've been on a boat, so it will be super fun.

This weekend my intentions are to finish the foyer wall.  I'm tired of talking about it, so it needs to be finished.  That will also allow me to put everything back where it is supposed to be, and clean up.  Which needs to happen.  I'd also like to get started on the shelves for L.Soup's room, so that her room can be complete.  But I'm not holding my breath on both of those things happening this weekend. 

I really need to get some of my house cleaned up, so that might be a major focal point.  I'd like to get some of it done today after Calli's vet appointment.

We'll see how that goes.

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