Friday, August 9, 2013


Holy crap you guys... I'm completely geeking out right now. LOOK AT WHAT I JUST MADE.

I took 3 innocent towels:
1 bath, 2 hand
Then I gave them a face:
And ears:
First try ears are a little uneven.  Oh well.
And a forehead:

And got a bath towel! For the baby! And apparently for me! Well, not really, but I was the only model available...
How awesome is that? I've had the towels to make this for a while, but I hadn't gotten a chance to yet, with all the other "emergency" projects that I was working on. I found the tutorial here.  She's got a ton of other towels patterns on her site.  I'm planning on making a lady bug one too, but I think one was enough for tonight.  It only took me about an hour probably.

L.Soup's towels are all getting too small for her.  So I'm pretty excited about making some new ones to replace the tiny baby ones we are still using somehow.

Too Cute!

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