Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One more thing for the nursery

So D.Soup and I have been very lazy about getting the supplies we need to make the shelves for L.Soup's room.   We have most of what we need but haven't had the chance to get to the store for the last pieces.   I almost bought premade shelves earlier this week but couldn't bear to pay $25 A PIECE.  For them.


So in the mean time I decided to procrastinate on all my other projects and make a bumper for the top bar of the crib in the nursery.  I think my little girl is part beaver, she chews on the crib when she is angry.   The crib is an ugly mess.   It's driving me insane and I need to fix it before my brain explodes.

I have a ton of fabric triangles from when I had huge plans of making a million pennant banners for the nursery. Well that didn't exactly pan out and I ended up making two.  And I am very happy with them.   More would have been too many.   But,  that left me with all the extras.  So I measured the length of the section of crib that needed to be covered and started sewing.

This project actually made me interested in quilting.  The way these pieces fit together felt (to me) like I was making a quilt.   I stitched the triangles together until I reached the right measurement and then finished the edges.   Then I measured against the crib to see where the best fit would be for the strings to hold it on the crib.  Then I sewed the strings on to the back.   I will take more pictures when there isn't a sleeping baby in the crib.   I'm hoping she doesn't figure out how to untie the strings.

Another option I have is using the snaps that I bought to make bibs.  I have about 500 snaps, so if she figures out how to untie them, I could always replace the ties with snaps.  We'll see. 


I just put tied it onto the crib!  It looks so cute.  And we have one satisfied customer:


I've missed crafty time.

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