Friday, August 30, 2013

A whole lot of nothing (aka so much of everything else there's no time for crafting! )

We have spent the last 2 weeks doing absolutely nothing around the house.   That's a lie... We cleaned up enough to not be completely embarrassed when my family came over on Sunday.  

Last week is pretty much a blur to me, other than L.Soup getting sick on Tuesday during dinner and then miraculously regrouping and playing for a few hours after being miserable all day.   Kids are incredible.
Friday we drove to PA to visit our friends and their baby girl!  We got stuck in some nasty traffic but we still had a great time visiting.

Saturday we went to Kegs&Corks with a bunch of friends.   I spent a majority of the first hour we were there freaking out because it was really hot and I was worried about L.Soup who absolutely refused to 1. stay in the stroller or 2. wear a hat.  I lathered her in sunscreen, but she was so hot that she was sweating and cranky.   I was sure we were going to have to leave early,  but I ended up spotting some unoccupied shade and informed everyone we were moving and basically sprinted over there.   I was a woman on a mission.  Success!   And all was right with the world after that and we got to stay the rest of the day.  L. Soup and I were both much happier in the shade (and after a snow ball).

Also, on Saturday my phone met a nasty end.  It slipped out of my diaper bag when I reached into the car to grab something and made an unfortunate connection with pavement.  It was not pretty.  
Lucky for me my previous clumsiness forces me to get insurance on every piece of electronics I own now so I got a replacement with no issue!   Phew.  I ordered a case for it as well, something that I had been meaning to do for months but never got around to it.  Well I learned my lesson, and I am now the proud owner of this:

Sunday my mom, sister, niece and nephews came over for the afternoon.   It was beautiful out so we went down to the river and played in the water for a few hours and then had dinner.   We even got some use out of the swing set!   It was a really good (busy) weekend. 

Monday rolled around and my girl woke up not herself.   She ended up sleeping most of the day and being generally miserable.  Luckily she bounced back again and was better late in the afternoon. 

Tuesday we went to Red Robin for a friend's birthday.   It was really fun.   Unfortunately D.Soup wasn't feeling well, we think he caught whatever the baby had.  He was sick Tuesday night and ended up staying home Wednesday from work.   He still wasn't feeling well today but went to work, he's feeling better now... a little.  So we've had a fairly lazy week this week.  Not really any chance to get any house work done, let alone crafting or painting.  We are completely out of groceries.  So that's priority one for this weekend.  Hopefully I can get to work on some other stuff too.  Luckily we get 3 days!

I did take some time to make a list of things that have settled in the house over the year we have been here.  We are supposed to give it to the builder before the year's up so they can come fix everything.  We bought our house in September of last year... Procrastinate much? 

Some day I will actually get around to those things I've been promising.

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