Friday, August 9, 2013

A productive week

We have been getting some stuff done around the house!  There's about a million more things to do but, progress!  I already told you about solving the baby beaver problem.  But theres so much more thats actually happened.

Sadly no more crafting.  BUT huge giant leaps and bounds towards being more capable of using my craft room to its full potential!  You guys.... THERE'S A FLOOR IN THAT ROOM.  Its supposed to double as a computer room.  And store our important documents... and they were stored alright, all over the middle of the floor.  I'm usually the keeper of all important papers.  And I just haven't had time.  Well we cleaned up!  Purged all the unneeded paper and made a nice neat pile of what we wanted to keep.  There's definitely a lot more work to do but !!! floor!!!  Soo much more space.  I'm pretty excited.  Now I just have to figure out what my next craft project is.

After that, D.Soup installed a towel hook in the spare bathroom upstairs so we would actually have something to dry our hands off with.  Now I just need to get some hangers for the pictures I made for in there and it will be pretty much done... for now.   There's no shower curtain up, but we figure L.Soup isn't taking any showers right now anyway so no big deal.

THEN I went into our bathroom and did some scrubbing.  Mainly sinks and toilet, because I didn't feel like coming downstairs to get the other stuff I needed to work on the other rest.  Next time.  I can't believe we have been in this house almost a year and I still don't have all the supplies I need for each floor.  I guess that shows how much I clean.  The other thing I've never done?   Organized the bathroom closet.  It's a disaster.  Maybe that will be next.

AND lastly... but certainly not least.  We (with the assistance of D.Soup's brother) moved the couches around on Wednesday.  They are in their proper places finally and the window that was behind the couch is open (and in need of a cleaning, ugh).  Also, before the move we cleaned the living room of all the toys... and miraculously it still looks like this:

 Not sure how we managed that.

ps. I've got another post coming right after this one, because I'm too excited about it to wait until tomorrow.

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