Thursday, January 16, 2014


I have a few pillows that I've been wanting to put back into my living room.  I could have easily used the current cases, which matched perfectly in the living room at our old house, until I had time to redo the whole living room to make everything match...

Unfortunately, they all look like this:

Damn puppy teeth!
Every corner on every.single.pillow.  Adult Calli is lucky that Puppy Calli was so cute.

So, a few months ago, I bought fabric to make some new pillow cases.  My vision for the new living room is blue accents, which will match the shades of blue I hope to paint the furniture sometime in the (far distant) future.  These are two of the fabrics I ended up choosing:
I originally picked out three fabrics, because I was absolutely sure that I had 6 pillows.  But apparently that was WRONG, because I can only find 4 pillows total.  I might just leave it at that, and use the other fabric for something else.  I'm going to let the pillows settle in over the next few days before I decide.

I asked for a yard of each fabric, and I'm not sure if the cuts were off or if they shrank that much when I put the fabric through the drier, but both sheets were much shorter than I expected them to be.  Unfortunately, the pillows were also slightly larger than I expected them to be too.  Pillow inserts available for purchase at the fabric store are approximately 16" square.  These inserts came with the cases, and ended up being 17.5" square.  So I was cutting it pretty close (no pun intended) when I was measuring everything out.

I followed the measurement guidelines from MADE on how to sew a slipcover for a pillow (second half of the video).
Overall I'm very happy with how they turned out.  If you want to get into sewing, pillows are a good place to start.  Four straight lines is the easiest thing I've ever sewn.

I've noticed a few times that you can see the insert along the opening on the back of the pillow.  So apparently some of the cases are a little snug.  I'm sure it will work itself out.
Not sure what's going on with the weird coloring here...
I obviously need to stop taking pictures with my cell phone.

The fronts sure look pretty though.

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