Monday, January 6, 2014

My only Christmas craft

My in-laws (almost jokingly, I think) asked for a new mailbox for Christmas this year.  Something that represented them better than the falling apart mailbox that they currently have.  I thought about buying one already made for a little while, but decided I would try my hand at it instead.

D.Soup's family loves anything Disney, so I knew that was the direction I would be going in.  I found some cute images that expanded nicely (they are about 7 inches tall I think) and got everything ready in Silhouette Studio.  I purchased some black vinyl (how did I not already have black!?) and some clear printable vinyl for the characters.

I had purchased red and orange acrylic craft paint about a month ago for a project that never ended up happening with L.Soup.  I guess that will be a present for everyone next Christmas.  At least we have a whole year to get it done now, yes? 

The only other things I needed were a mailbox that I had D.Soup pick up at the hardware store one day, and some sponges which I stole from my mom's crafting supplies.

Here's the finished product (PLEASE ignore the disgustingness of my craft room, ugh):

Super fancy star because I didn't ask if they were okay with their name being on here
Other side
Front.  Same deal.
After everything was done drying, I had D.Soup put a few coats of clear UV protectant polyurethane over it.  I was standing with him for about one second as he was spraying, and then had to run away.  I really appreciated his help because I never would have gotten that done.  That stuff is stinky!  And I'm not supposed to be around fumes like that, while I'm growing another person and all.  

Overall I'm super happy with how it turned out.  It didn't really take that much work.  I'm a little unsure about how the printable vinyl stuck to the mailbox.  There was one section on Mickey's arm that seemed to not stick as nicely as everything else.  D.Soup's mom asked when we were coming to install it, so I guess I'll check out that arm when we go over for that.  make sure it's up to standards and whatnot.

His mom was super excited about it.  She asked where we got it from.  Always a good thing for someone to think your work is professionally done. :)

I sent the pictures to my mom and she thought I should make and sell them.  And then I laughed, because who has time for that??? 

I'm trying to decide what I want on my mailbox.

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