Sunday, October 6, 2013

A little announcement

When I was pregnant with L.Soup I had a few of your usual pregnancy symptoms: nausea, exhaustion, cravings. The strangest thing I experienced though was complete and utter disgust at the sight or smell of meat cooking. I could eat it after the fact, once it was far away from the stove. But you couldn't ask me to be involved in the process at all. It was horrible. The first time I cooked dinner after I found out I was pregnant, I was so disgusted by the time it was done that I couldn't eat. After that it just grew more and more intense, and the sight/smell made me gag. I don't think I ever got sick (from that... no, other things... yes) but it was bad enough that D.Soup got stuck with dinner duty for pretty much the entire pregnancy.

Well, imagine my surprise at the end of July when cooking dinner made me feel absolutely terrible. I was sure that it was just an extension from earlier in the day when I was not feeling the greatest due to a horrible nights sleep. I muttered something about not feeling very well, and sat down to eat dinner. While sitting there I told D.Soup that afterwards I was going to run upstairs and take a test - just incase.  He agreed it was probably a good idea. We haven't been trying, but with our track record (it took one try before L.Soup was an actuality) I figured better safe than sorry.


There's no denying that...

 Or that.

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